University Set Quotas to Get More Body Parts From Black Babies Killed in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 4, 2021   |   12:27PM   |   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh set racial quotas for the aborted babies whose organs it harvests for scientific research, according to documents exposed by Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress.

Earlier this week, Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress obtained 252 pages of new documents about the university’s fetal tissue harvesting practices from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HHS provided the documents after the groups filed a Freedom of Information Act request and later a lawsuit when the agency did not follow through.

The documents show that the federal government gave the University of Pittsburgh at least $2.7 million in federal tax dollars over the past five years to become a “tissue hub” for aborted baby body parts for scientific research.

Within the documents, Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress discovered that the university has racial targets for the organs it harvests from aborted babies.

“Of its planned aborted ‘subjects,’ Pitt desired 50% to be minority fetuses. The proposal suggests that the ‘subjects’ be diverse because Pittsburgh is diverse, the U.S. Census Bureau shows the city of Pittsburgh is close to 70% white,” according to Judicial Watch.

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One document titled “Planned Enrollment Report” includes a chart with racial categories and targeted numbers within each category for “tissue from an elective or spontaneous abortion < 24 weeks gestation.” It noted that “tissues from 25-42 gestational weeks” also will be obtained; 42 weeks of pregnancy is full-term.

The chart projects collecting organs from 200 white females, 100 black/African American females, 50 Asian females and 50 Hispanic/Latino or mixed-race females.

In the documents, the university states its program will include “inclusion (or exclusion) of individuals on the basis of sex/gender, race and ethnicity.”

According to the Center for Medical Progress, Allegheny County, where the University of Pittsburgh is located, has a population that is 80 percent white and 13 percent black.

The documents come from a 2015 grant request from the university to the National Institutes of Health, under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They also reveal that the federal government gave the university at least $2.7 million in tax dollars so far for the project.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute exposed more disturbing details from the documents on its website this week.

“Pitt indicates that they have steadily increased their ‘inventory’ – the number of aborted babies that they are researching on,” the pro-life organization pointed out. “As a result, Pitt indicates they are expanding this inhumane and unethical research in the future – using your tax dollars to make it all possible.”

David Daleiden, founder and president of the Center for Medical Progress, said evidence in the documents suggests late-term aborted babies also may be being delivered alive before their organs are harvested.

“Infants in the womb, some old enough to be viable, are being aborted alive and killed for organ harvesting, in order to bring in millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for Pitt and the Planned Parenthood abortion business it supports,” Daleiden said. “Law enforcement and public officials should act immediately to bring the next Kermit Gosnell to justice under the law.”

Gosnell was a Philadelphia abortionist who was convicted of conducting late-term abortions where babies were born alive before he killed them. He is serving life in prison.

The University of Pittsburgh is the same place where researchers implanted second-trimester aborted babies’ scalps onto rodents to study the human immune system.