Not One Single Democrat Voted Against Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 30, 2021   |   4:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Yesterday, House Democrats passed the first bill ever to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and force Americans to fund the killing of unborn babies in abortions. On a 219-208 vote, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats put the onus on the Senate to protect Americans from having their tax dollars be involved with ending the lives of unborn children.

The Hyde Amendment had been a bipartisan measure, with dozens of Democrats supporting it early on and at least a handful of Democrats voting for it in recent years.

But yesterday, not one single Democrat voted against forcing Americans to fund abortion. None. Zero. Zilch. Not even the two Democrats who claim they’re pro-life.

Shawn Fleetwood, writing at The Federalist, noticed this as well.

Reps. Henry Cuellar of Texas and Marcy Kaptur of Ohio were among 219 House Democrats that threw their support behind H.R.4502, an appropriations bill that would provide funding for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The vote to affirm the bill by the two representatives, however, runs contrary to their previous opposition to using federal tax dollars to fund abortions nationwide. In 2009, Kaptur co-sponsored and voted in favor of an amendment to prohibit federally-funded abortions, stating that the Hyde Amendment was a “broad consensus” agreed upon by the American public.

“This amendment reaffirms longstanding, existing law, and nothing more,” she said. “It represents the broad consensus of the American people after 32 years of consideration on this issue.”

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Through the years, Kaptur’s views on abortion shifted left, with the congresswoman coming out in full support of eliminating the Hyde Amendment following the conclusion of the 2020 elections.

“That is authorizing on an appropriations bill and I do not want it on our bill,” Kaptur said in reference to the Hyde Amendment. “We’ll see where we are after the new Congress is sworn in and see what the will of the caucus is and I’ll carry that forward. …I’m not going to create needless controversy but I want clean bills.”

Cuellar, meanwhile, has long professed himself to be a pro-life Democrat. In 2017, Cuellar was among three House Democrats that voted to permanently prohibit federal taxpayer money from funding abortions through government entities. Moreover, the Texas congressman was among four Democrats to support a 2015 measure that sought to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Despite supporting an amendment to add Hyde language to the HHS spending measure in committee, Cuellar ultimately caved and voted for the bill once it reached the House floor.

This leaves 31% of Democrats in America without representation, as polls show about one-third of all Democrats oppose taxpayer-funded abortions. But the Democrat Party no longer represents them. It represents Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, which want unlimited abortions on demand through pregnancy and paid for at taxpayer expense. And until the party has some semblance of support for life, there is no reason for pro-life Americans to vote for Democrats any more.