Joe Biden’s Jaw Dropped When He Saw a Banner Saying “Abortion Takes a Human Life”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 30, 2021   |   4:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Annaleigh Amelie hesitated about heading out to protest alone with her pro-life banner when she heard that President Joe Biden was coming to visit her area.

Amelie, the president of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Pro-Life Future and state captain of Students for Life Action of Pennsylvania, said she was not planning to go.

“But at one point I asked myself, ‘How often does Biden come to the Lehigh Valley?’ I said a prayer and listened to my heart, which said, ‘Go!’” she shared with

Now, she knows why: The president’s stunned reaction to her pro-life sign.

Biden is a pro-abortion Democrat who professes to be personally pro-life and devoutly Catholic. However, his position on abortion has become more radical in recent years. He now supports aborting unborn babies without restrictions, and he is trying to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for abortions.

On Wednesday, Biden visited Macungie, Pennsylvania where Amelie runs a very active young adult pro-life group.

At the last minute, Amelie said she decided to take her pro-life signs and stand on a street near where Biden would be giving his speech.

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“I grabbed my huge ‘Abortion takes a human life’ [banner], a bunch of pro-life signs and prayed some pro-life people would be there to help out,” she said.

Her prayers were answered. A pro-life family who she had connected with in the past was there, and some pro-life students from Parkland High School just happened to show up, too, she said.

Amelie distributed signs that read, “Women do regret abortion” and “Men regret lost fatherhood,” as well as “I am the pro-life generation” and “The future is anti-abortion.” And a few of the students held a huge blue banner with the words, “Abortion takes a human life.”

Then, they waited.

When Biden’s motorcade began going around the corner, they went out to the edge of the road with their signs, Amelie shared with LifeNews. “We were in between his supporters and ‘not-so-supporters.’”

“[Biden] was looking at everybody else who’s in support of him … And you could see all of a sudden when he finally got to our stuff, his face – he was smiling — his face completely changed,” Amelie said.

She continued: “We held the largest sign there that said, ‘Abortion takes a human life.’ As soon as he looked at us, his jaw dropped!”

After witnessing Biden’s clearly stunned reaction, Amelie said she is glad that she went and grateful to the other pro-lifers who showed up, too. She said she believes prayers work and people can change, including Biden.