Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide, Killing 24 Million People This Year

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 27, 2021   |   4:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Nothing kills more people than abortion. Nothing.

Half way through 2021, the world-wide abortion numbers already are mind-boggling. Worldometer, which keeps a running tally of various statistics, reported 24.2 million abortions so far this year. The total is based on data from the World Health Organization.

Scientists overwhelmingly confirm that a unique, living human being comes into existence at the moment of conception. And an abortion intentionally kills that human being – a valuable, irreplaceable child.

Yet, little attention is given to preventing or even acknowledging these babies’ deaths. Quite the opposite, saving unborn babies from abortion is considered highly controversial, and pro-life advocates constantly are disparaged for their work.

The problem is not that society does not recognize the value of human life. The coronavirus pandemic was an example of how strongly people believe that they should go to great lengths to protect and save lives.

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According to the Worldometer, 4.1 million people have died world-wide from the coronavirus since January 2020.

Yet, deaths to abortion are tragic just as deaths to the coronavirus are, and nearly six times as many babies were killed in abortions this year alone.

In fact, the number of unborn babies killed in abortions this year is close to the total number of deaths in the world so far this year to all other causes: 33.4 million, according to the website. Unborn babies killed in abortions are not counted in death totals.

The problem is that society does not recognize unborn babies as valuable human beings. Perhaps it is because before birth, they are unseen, they have no voice.

If society put in even half the effort to save unborn babies’ lives that it does to save other human beings from the coronavirus, cancer, HIV, starvation, etc., one can only imagine how many more millions of innocent lives would be saved from an entirely preventable, unnecessary death.