Woman Abducted by an Abortionist and Sold as a Child Shares How God Saved Her Life

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 26, 2021   |   12:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Sometimes, Georgia abortionist Thomas Hicks killed the unborn babies whose mothers who came — or were forced to come — to his illegal abortion facility. Other times, he delivered the babies alive and then sold them through the backdoor.

Jane Blasio was one of those babies.

In her new book, “Taken at Birth,” the 56-year-old Ohio woman revealed the shocking truth about her birth and the strength that she found in Christ to forgive Hicks and her parents, The Christian Post reports.

“God’s been there from the beginning,” she said. “He’s proved, over and over again, that He does not need me to be strong. He just needs me to lean into Him and let Him be strong for me. He has redeemed so many parts of my life and been faithful, even when I have not.”

Today, Blasio is a federal law enforcement expert in illegal adoption.

Through her investigation, she said she learned that Hicks sold about 200 babies in the 1950s and 1960s at his illegal abortion facility in McCaysville, Georgia. The report did not mention how many unborn babies he may have aborted.

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Her investigation began when she was a teenager and wanted to find her birth parents. Looking through her birth records, Blasio said she began to realize that there was something peculiar about her past.

She said her adoptive parents told her that they had adopted her and her sister, Michelle, from Hicks, and Blasio quickly delved into researching the abortionist and his practice.

In 1988, more than a decade after Hicks died, Blasio said she traveled to McCaysville to find out more. There, she began to learn about how Hicks took advantage of vulnerable, poor mothers, some of whom were force and coerced into abortions, according to the report.

Hicks aborted some of the unborn babies (abortions were illegal in Georgia at the time) and delivered others alive. Those babies, herself included, he sold for parents to adopt, she discovered.

Here’s more from the report:

Though Hicks’ motives were unclear, Blasio said she believes he simply found a money-making niche. She described him as “just a man who got caught up in his own schemes” who, she revels in her book, eventually lost his medical license in 1964 for performing abortions illegally.

“He just did what he wanted to do because there was nobody there to stop him,” she said. “He was extremely calloused.”

Since publicizing the results of her investigation in 1997, Blasio said she has connected with dozens of other people who were sold by Hicks as infants. Her story also has been featured on numerous major news outlets.

“This book isn’t about me,” she said. “This book is about everybody that has been touched by both the darkness and the light with the Hicks Clinic. God opened the doors and said, ‘It’s time.’”

Because of her Christian faith, Blasio said she chose to forgive Hicks, her parents and others involved in the crimes that she uncovered.

“If you’re a believer, forgiveness is not just an option; God says we’ve got to do that,” she told the Christian Post. “But the best thing about forgiveness is you get to choose to forgive someone, and then once you’ve chosen to forgive them, God will stand there for you and help you come around to a full circle and even help you love them.”

Through her book, Blasio said she wants to help others experience God’s unconditional love.

“… and I want them to seek it through Jesus Christ. There is nothing more important than then getting to know Christ and accepting Him as Lord. And that’s the most important discovery I’ve made in my life,” she said.