The Pro-Life Movement Has a New Pro-Life Flag, and it Celebrates Moms and Babies

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 26, 2021   |   3:06PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement now has an official flag.

On Monday, the Pro-Life Flag Project revealed the winning design: a mother’s hands circled around a baby’s footprints with two pink and blue stripes over a white background.

“With two feet (child), two hands (mother), two stripes, and two main colors, it emphasizes the TWO lives present in a pregnancy and the love the pro-life movement shows to both,” the project website states.

The flag was a project of a large coalition of national, international, state and community pro-life organizations to create a universally recognized, unifying symbol for the pro-life movement.

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Brazilian graphic designer Nanda Gasperini, of Sao Paulo, designed the winning flag. Organizers received more than 1,000 flag designs, narrowed them down to six and then allowed the public to vote on a final design.

According to organizers, the white background on the flag represents non-violence and the innocence of the unborn child, while the baby’s feet are based on the iconic Precious Feet pin, a symbol of the pro-life movement for decades. The pink hands surrounding the feet represent the pregnant mother protecting her child, and the heart in between the baby’s feet symbolizes the pro-life movement’s love for both mother and child.

The stripes emphasize that two distinct human lives are present in a pregnancy. They also form an equal sign, symbolizing human rights and equality for every human being.

Organizers sought to create a recognizable flag similar to what other movements have done.

“People around the country and the world, regardless of their stance on abortion, will see the flag, know its meaning, and be compelled to think about the reality of abortion,” the website states. “Through positive symbolism within the design, the flag will also serve to positively brand the movement that has, in many mainstream currents, been so vilified and misrepresented.”

Right now, the project is selling flags and bumper stickers through its website, However, organizers hope the image soon will be used on T-shirts, pins, hats and other materials.

“With the wide reach that pro-life organizations have, we can create an America so full of the pro-life flag that every day, millions of people will be reminded of the reality of abortion and of the determined pro-life movement that fights to abolish it,” the organizers said.

Partners in the effort include March for Life, Students for Life of America, Focus on the Family, Heritage House, Rehumanize International, Secular Pro-Life, Save the Storks and numerous other state, local and international pro-life organizations.