Catholic Priest Protests at Abortion Clinic Because That’s Where “Innocent Blood is Shed”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 26, 2021   |   6:36PM   |   New York, NY

Abortion activists have yelled in Father Fidelis Moscinski’s face and try to block him from reaching out to women considering abortion. They have interrupted Mass and prayers for the unborn, and targeted him as the leader of a monthly pro-life march in New York City.

But the Franciscan priest recently told EWTN that he will not stop advocating for the unborn because nearly 300 unborn babies are aborted every single day in New York state.

The Catholic News Agency reports Moscinski helped to lead a Witness for Life prayer procession on July 10 when abortion activists with the group New York City for Abortion Rights blocked their walk and harassed the pro-lifers.

Police intervened in the situation, but pro-life leaders said it still took them two hours to walk from St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Brooklyn to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility seven blocks away.

“When we go to the abortion facility, it’s as if we’re going to modern-day Calvary, where innocent blood is shed,” Moscinski told EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. “And our procession there, on that day, was kind of like a Way of the Cross for us.”


He said he thought about how Christ suffered while carrying the cross to Calvary as they walked along and prayed the rosary in the chaos. According to the report, abortion activists interrupted the Mass with shouts and taunts and afterward blocked pro-lifers from walking to the abortion facility; one smoked a cigarette in Moscinski’s face.

Remembering the day, Moscinski said: “We received Jesus in Holy Communion, and He’s the source of our peace and strength. And when I was looking at those people, I was thinking, ‘These people are not the enemy, they’re deceived.’ So it was difficult, but we persevered, and we did finally get there.”

He urged people to pray and fast as they work to end abortion, and he encouraged every person to do something to help.

“Pro-life is the pre-eminent issue in the United States, and every Catholic has to be actively engaged in the pro-life movement in some way,” he told EWTN. “… everybody has to do at least something.”

Along with the monthly Witness for Life prayer walk, Moscinski also participates in Red Rose Rescues, efforts where pro-lifers enter abortion facilities to encourage women to choose life for their babies and refuse to leave in solidarity with the unborn babies who are being killed. They do so knowing that they likely will be arrested, and Moscinski said he has been arrested multiple times.

“Our measure of our love for Christ is determined by what we do to save the least among us,” he said.