University Caught Asking For “Internal Genitalia and Kidneys” From Aborted Babies For Research

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 23, 2021   |   3:20PM   |   San Francisco, California

Pro-life advocates appeared before the University of California Board of Regents this week to urge them to stop the horrific practices of harvesting aborted babies’ genitalia and other organs at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

Kristin Turner, executive director of Pro-Life San Francisco, read with disgust an email that her group obtained through an open records request to the university. It was from a procurement technician who wrote about collecting “internal genitalia and kidneys” from aborted babies before wishing their employer a “Happy Thanksgiving!”

“I don’t believe I need to explain why ripping apart the body of a child that has been killed and proceeding to wish the people involved in doing so a happy holiday with their families is a form of cruelty beyond what words can express,” Turner told the board in a video posted online by Pro-Life San Francisco.

She and others expressed frustration that the board repeatedly has ignored their calls for an investigation and an end to the barbaric, unethical practices at UCSF.

Earlier this summer, Pro-Life San Francisco obtained documents through the California Public Records Act that exposed how the university is harvesting aborted babies’ clitorises, uteruses, testicles, penises and other organs for research. UCSF is a public, taxpayer-funded school.

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Live Action, which reviewed the documents, found that 42 of the 43 procurement logs provided to the pro-life organization listed “genitalia and/or gonads” from aborted babies.

The pro-life advocates’ quest for information also has raised questions about whether viable, late-term babies are being born alive in botched abortions and left to die.

Robert Byrd, an organizer with Pro-Life San Francisco, slammed the lack of transparency about abortion survivors in his comments to the board of regents.

“According to the Society of Family Planning, labor-induction abortions have a high risk of live birth at late gestational ages when feticides have not been used,” Byrd said. “This is the practice of the Women’s Options Center at UCSF. UCSF has failed to document their compliance with California Health and Safety Code 123435 … it’s up to you to ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent and uncover medical malpractice.”

His comments referred to Pro-Life San Francisco’s request for documents from the university pertaining to its practices and protocols for babies who survive abortions. Thus far, it has received none.

According to the pro-life organization, attorneys for the university said such documents do not exist “because UCSF/the Women’s Options Centers have no protocol for determining the viability of abortion survivors, or for providing care to them.” This suggests that babies may be being born alive and left to die.

Referring to this possibility, pro-life advocate and grandmother Kathleen Anderson told the regents that “knowledge of this horror is becoming more publicized.”

“It is so abhorrent that during a dilation and evacuation method of abortion, fetuses are cut apart in the womb while still alive,” Anderson said. “… Can we even picture this and not feel agony for these babies? They will never know the touch of a grandmother’s love in this life. Please say something, do something to help end this. These are human beings.”

Pro-Life San Francisco described UC San Francisco as the “late-term abortion training capital of the U.S.” It runs more than 100 abortion training programs across the country, including training on how to abort viable, late-term unborn babies after 21 weeks of pregnancy, according to the organization.