Pro-Lifers Protest California University Caught Harvesting Genitals of Aborted Babies for Research

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 19, 2021   |   11:51AM   |   San Francisco, California

Pro-life advocates protested last week at the University of California San Francisco after it was caught harvesting aborted babies’ genitals for research.

Pro-Life San Francisco, Live Action and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust called on the university to end its disturbing, unethical practices when they occupied the San Francisco Department of Public Health building, according to Pro-Life San Francisco.

“This institution is complicit in the live dismemberment of late-term children in utero and the harvesting of their genitalia for medical research at UCSF’s Women’s Options Centers,” the pro-life organization posted online along with a video of the protest. “They are also responsible for the lack of safeguards protecting infants born alive to induction abortion patients. We demand answers and we demand justice!”

The pro-life leaders recently exposed the university’s horrific practices of harvesting aborted babies’ clitorises, testicles, penises and other organs. The information came from documents they obtained through the California Public Records Act.

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“We demand an end to the murder and vicious abuse of the bodies of our nation’s children,” Live Action wrote online.

During the protest, dozens of pro-life advocates, many of them young adults, crowded into the Public Health building hallway, carrying signs that read, “Human rights begin in the womb” and “UCSF is tearing the limbs off of live babies! End live dismemberment!”

UC San Francisco is a public, taxpayer-funded university and a major abortion hub in the U.S.

Among the documents provided to Pro-Life San Francisco by the university were “Arrival/Departure and Collection Lists,” or logs listing the human tissue that was collected from aborted babies, according to the report.

Live Action, which reviewed the documents, found that many of the lists included “genitalia and/or gonads” from aborted babies. According to the report:

Out of 43 logs, 42 document the harvesting of genitalia and/or gonads. It seems ironic that these “scientists,” who work for an institution that postures itself as a frontline warrior in the battle for so-called “reproductive justice,” spend their days mutilating the reproductive organs of people whose lives have been brutally ended under the banner of “reproductive choice.”

The dates on the university documents also suggest the harvesting of aborted baby body parts continued during the COVID-19 pandemic while many other businesses, schools, houses of worship and other entities were shut down in California, according to Live Action.

Pro-Life San Francisco described UC San Francisco as the “late-term abortion training capital of the U.S.” It runs more than 100 abortion training programs across the country, including training on how to abort viable, late-term unborn babies after 21 weeks of pregnancy, according to the organization.

With this in mind, the Pro-Life San Francisco asked the university for documents pertaining to its practices and protocols for babies who survive abortions. However, it received none.

Attorneys for the university told Pro-Life San Francisco that such documents do not exist “because UCSF/the Women’s Options Centers have no protocol for determining the viability of abortion survivors, or for providing care to them,” according to the report. “This is a tacit admission of the possibility that abortion survivors are simply left to die, without so much as the basic humane provision of palliative care.”

Pro-Life San Francisco has been demanding answers from the university and calling on its Board of Regents to stop the gristly, unethical abortion practices.

The pro-life organization is encouraging people to make a 1-minute public comment over the phone to the UC Board of Regents demanding that they be transparent and end the appalling, unethical experiments with aborted baby body parts.

ACTION ALERT: Contact the University of California Board of Regents.