With $5.1 Million Book Deal, Cuomo Admits COVID Gave Him “Tremendous Personal Benefit”

State   |   Tim Graham   |   Jul 12, 2021   |   2:39PM   |   Albany, New York

As Dr. Anthony Fauci prepares for another round of Sunday morning network interviews, it would be fun to imagine a news media that actually put Gov. Andrew Cuomo on their Sunday shows and peppered him with skeptical questions. The New York Post ran a story headlined “After $5.1M book deal, Cuomo calls pandemic ‘tremendous personal benefit’.” The Friday front page had the headline “LA DOLCE VIRUS.”

Social-media giants might be tempted to squash this New York Post story, since it could be politically calculated as helping Trump’s reputation on COVID, and the “objective” media skipped it again:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday called it a “tremendous personal benefit” to have led New York state amid the coronavirus crisis — during which he scored $5.1 million for his pandemic memoir.

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In a speech to his fellow governors that was loaded with presumably unintentional double meanings, Cuomo told them that they all “have a new credibility.”

“Very few people were going through what we went through and we went through it together,” he said.

“And speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit.”

The Post also noted how relatives of the lost reacted to this tone-deaf statement:

Tracey Alvino, whose dad, Daniel, died after contracting COVID-19 in a Long Island nursing home, was outraged by the remarks.

“If that’s Cuomo’s best, I’d hate to see his worst,” Alvino said.

“Fifteen thousand senior citizens in nursing homes were killed because of his fatally flawed decisions that were not based on science…His personal benefit was $5.1 million in his bank account from his book.”

Danielle Messina, whose father, Samuel, died in a Staten Island nursing home, also blasted Cuomo for patting himself on the back.

“It’s easy for him to say. He didn’t lose a loved one.”

“Cuomo gave family members and friends private testing instead of testing people in the nursing homes…He hurt the most vulnerable.”

Governor Crisis has more where that came from. When he announced a new crackdown on the “epidemic” of gun violence in New York, he actually said this:

Andrew Cuomo says he wants to “do with gun violence what we just did with COVID.” New York had one of the worst outbreaks of COVID, and one of the highest death rates in the country.

Naturally, the partisans at The New York Times skipped over that statement in their coverage. Look how carefully the lefties at NPR curated it on Morning Edition: 

NOEL KING, ANCHOR: Governor Cuomo said yesterday that this is a public health concern.

JASMINE GARSD: Yes, this is in keeping with how the Biden administration has characterized gun violence as a public health concern. In fact, Cuomo compared it to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ANDREW CUOMO: We went from one epidemic to another epidemic. We went from COVID to the epidemic of gun violence.

GARSD: And so what Governor Cuomo did yesterday is lay out a seven-point comprehensive plan to address this other epidemic. He wants to use science and data to identify gun violence hot spots, kind of like what the government did with COVID – find a hot spot, get in there, address it.

LifeNews.com Note: Tim Graham is the director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, a media watchdog group. He was a White House correspondent for World magazine in 2001 and 2002. This originally appeared on the NewsBusters web site.