New Videos Make It Clear: Unborn Babies are Human Beings and Abortion Kills Children

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 12, 2021   |   10:46PM   |   Washington, DC

“It’s safer than Tylenol.” “It’s kind of like a heavy period.” “It’s your right. Your body, your choice!”

These dangerous, misleading claims are being used to sell chemical abortion pills to women across the U.S. And as the Biden administration loosens abortion regulations and California mandates that colleges provide abortion pills on campus, pro-life advocates fear that the number of unborn babies being killed this way may grow.

But Students for Life of America and Heartbeat International are working together to dispel the misinformation. They just launched a new online docuseries to help women — especially young women — understand how chemical abortion pills can hurt them and their unborn babies.

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“Chemical Abortion Pills are the new frontier for the abortion industry,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life and Students for Life Action. “These drugs are being trafficked in death-by-mail operations that place the lives of countless women and preborn children at risk. We will not allow the abortion industry to carry out this reckless agenda quietly as women and children die.”

The five-part “This Is Chemical Abortion” series features experts from the legal and medical fields as well as testimony from women who had chemical abortions. They share how the abortion industry is pushing to expand abortions in the U.S. and abroad at the expense of women’s and babies’ lives.

Produced by Charlotte Pence Bond, the daughter of former Vice President Mike Pence, the series describes the medical, physical and emotional realities of the abortion drugs, which starve the unborn baby and then force contractions to expel the baby’s body.

The short videos explain the risks of the abortion drugs to women as well. A recent analysis of complications data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration showed 20 women died and thousands experienced complications between 2000 and 2019.

Other research also has found significant risks of complications. A medical journal report in MedGenMed states, “The risk of death appears to be 10 times greater with medical abortion [chemical abortion pills] than with surgical abortion.”

According to Students for Life:

With no National Abortion Reporting law in the U.S., it’s easy for Corporate Abortion to withhold the facts about abortion’s full impact. In their recent letter to the FDA, federal lawmakers noted that while information on the many harms of Chemical Abortion is limited, the known complication rate of 3 to 8 percent would mean that 120,000 to 320,000 women faced “severe, life threatening, and fatal events.”

Pro-life advocates felt a renewed urgency to inform and support women after the Biden administration began allowing abortion pills to be sold in the mail without the abortion facility ever seeing the woman in person. California also is getting ready to implement a new mandate requiring all public colleges and universities to provide abortion pills on campus.

Students for Life’s legislative arm lobbied against the law and continues to lobby against similar legislation proposed in other states.

“Corporate Abortion tells lies of omission on a huge scale when it comes to chemical abortion, failing tell mothers that the pills cause four times the complications as surgical abortion and are staggeringly painful,” Hawkins said.

Meanwhile, the pro-life organizations also are providing hope and help to pregnant and parenting mothers. The new series shares information about the life-saving abortion pill reversal treatment, which has saved about 2,000 unborn babies’ lives thus far.

Heartbeat International and Students for Life also provide practical support to help mothers choose life for their babies. Heartbeat runs a network of more than 2,700 pregnancy centers that offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, diapers, maternity clothes, counseling and more. And Students for Life has pro-life clubs in more than 1,200 high schools and colleges across the country that encourage, educate and support their fellow pregnant and parenting students.

Watch the series here.