Mom Refuses to Have Abortion to Finish College, Graduates Anyway

State   |   SPUC   |   Jul 8, 2021   |   2:50PM   |   Washington, DC

A young woman was terrified when she became pregnant. Lacking support from her boyfriend, she almost aborted her baby – but love triumphed. Brittany shares her story.

Brittany’s pregnancy was unplanned. When she found out and told her boyfriend, informing him that she might abort their child, he was relieved and even encouraged the abortion.

But Brittany began to have doubts about abortion, especially when she researched online testimonies of women who regretted killing their unborn babies.

“I Googled everything, so I decided to look up what occurs during an abortion, as well as the physical and emotional effects”, Brittany recalls.

“I knew that if I had an abortion, I would be haunted by it forever, like these women… Thankfully, I gave myself some time to think through all of the consequences before rushing to get one…

“If I had an abortion, I knew I would spend every single day for the rest of my life thinking of all the ‘what-ifs’ and wondering what could’ve been.”

“I saw true love for the first time”

Despite her unsupportive boyfriend, Brittany decided to keep the baby, with the love and support of her parents.

A scan at six weeks affirmed her decision: “I was only six weeks pregnant, but I remember seeing a flickering heartbeat on the screen…

“Even though my baby wasn’t formed yet, the organ that keeps us alive, the heart, was beating so strong. I saw true love for the first time on that ultrasound screen.”

Several months later, Brittany gave birth to a beautiful boy, Noah, now aged 5.

“So worth it”

Brittany encourages other women who have unplanned pregnancies not to kill their children.

“Having a baby, raising a child, is hard, but so worth it. You will experience a love like no other. You will want to be better, do better, because you have a child looking up to you”, she says.

Brittany has now graduated from pharmacy school, with Noah attending the ceremony with her, and she will soon become a fully licensed pharmacist.

Since her pregnancy, her ex-boyfriend and his family have not been in contact with her.

True love

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications, said: “Despite the natural trepidation that Brittany experienced, realizing that she was to become a mother, she rose to the challenge, refusing to victimize either herself or her baby boy.

The impact that abortion has on the health of women can be life-changing. Yet, growing evidence suggests that women are not being fully informed, and the consequences can be devastating.

“Thankfully, Brittany made the best decision for herself and Noah.

“But as SPUC’s Daniel Frampton has also pointed out, men must take responsibility as well: ‘meaning that a man should do his utmost to not place a woman in a position of even having to consider an abortion. And even should a pregnancy occur, that man can still embrace the mission of fatherhood.’

“Abortion ‘enables’ the ‘selfish and unchivalrous actions’ of ‘bad men’, Dr. Frampton argues in his SPUC blog.

“Despite being abandoned by her boyfriend, Brittany still has gained the love of a beautiful baby boy. Love has triumphed.”

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