62% of New York Residents Don’t Want Andrew Cuomo to Run for Re-Election

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 1, 2021   |   1:56PM   |   Albany, New York

Andrew Cuomo is a radical abortion activist who signed an executive order resulting in the deaths of 15,000 nursing home residents and who has come under fire after multiple women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault or harassment.

And now, New York residents have had enough. They don’t want him to run for re-election.

Fox News reports:

Only a third of voters questioned in a Siena College survey say the three-term Democratic governor should run for reelection next year, with 39% saying he should serve out his term but not seek another four years steering the Empire State, and 23% saying Cuomo should resign immediately.

Cuomo, who saw his political standing surge last year amid the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, is facing a state investigation into numerous sexual harassment allegations from former staffers. And the governor is also facing a federal probe into whether his administration covered up the COVID deaths of nursing home residents amid the pandemic.

New York doesn’t have gubernatorial limits, and Cuomo said in May of 2019 that he would run in 2022 for a fourth term. He had built a massive $16.8 million campaign war chest by the beginning of this year, but he’s yet to formally confirm or announce that he’s seeking another term in office.

“The good news for the governor is that only 23% of New Yorkers want him to resign immediately. However, when you add those voters to the 39% who say he should serve out his term but not seek re-election, 62% say he should not run for a fourth term,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said.

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Evidence of a cover-up in the deadly scandal involving New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 nursing home order keeps growing.

According to an explosive New New York Times report, several of Cuomo’s top aides helped to hide approximately 9,000 people’s deaths to COVID in nursing homes last year.

At the same time, the Democrat governor was receiving massive media praise for his handling of the pandemic and getting ready to profit from his new book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” according to the report.

It gets worse. The report also identified one of the aides as Melissa DeRosa. She is closely related to several employees of “the hospital lobbying group that wrote Cuomo’s liability shield for nursing home execs,” according to Daily Poster editor Andrew Perez. The Poster identified DeRosa’s father, sister and brother as high-level employees of the group.

For months, LifeNews and other conservative news outlets have been reporting on Cuomo’s disastrous March 2020 nursing home policy, which forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients. The order put coronavirus patients together with the elderly and people with disabilities, those most vulnerable to the virus. The governor later reversed the policy.

Approximately 15,000 people have died of COVID-19 in New York nursing homes since last year. But the Cuomo administration publicly reported the death toll at about half of what the state Department of Health data showed, according to the Times.