Congresswoman Says “I’m Proud to Spend Every Day Fighting” to Protect Babies From Abortion

Opinion   |   Rep. Michelle Fischbach   |   Jun 26, 2021   |   9:11AM   |   Washington, DC

LifeNews Note: The following remarks were delivered by pro-life Rep. Michelle Fischbach at the Friday morning general session of the 2021 National Right to Life Convention.

Good morning! Thank you for having me here today and for allowing me to play a role in this 50th annual National Right to Life Convention. It is truly an honor. And more importantly, thank you for your tireless work in defending the right to life. There has never been a more important time for us to be firm in our commitment to the most vulnerable among us.

I also want to give a special thanks to President Carol Tobias, Darla St. Martin, David O’Steen, Jacki Ragan, Karen Cross, and all of the board and executive committee, for their hard work in putting this convention together, and for their tireless commitment to defending the right to life for all.

We know life is sacred – an unalienable right endowed by our Creator. But for nearly five decades, abortion has remained one of the biggest tragedies in our nation. It has taken more than 60 million innocent lives, and affected countless mothers, fathers, and families. Its tragic and irreversible mark has been left in the hearts of so many.

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As a Minnesotan, as an American, and as a mother and grandmother, the issue of life is as personal to me as it is to you. We know that every life is precious, from conception until natural death – a gift from God worth fighting for and defending.

I ran for Congress last fall because I knew the people of western Minnesota needed a representative who was 100% pro-life. It is an honor to have won that election, and I am proud to say that I spend every single day fighting to prioritize and protect the lives of the unborn.

I am fortunate to be in a record class of pro-life Republican women elected to the House of Representatives; our elections were a direct result of your advocacy and the work of the NRL.

Starting from the grassroots level and going all the way to the top, your work in this fight is truly making a difference, even when it seems like it isn’t.

I am proud to be standing with such capable, passionate women in defense of the fundamental right to life. We are mothers and grandmothers – witnesses to the joy that new life brings. We might not have a majority in Congress, but we are on the right side of this issue – and no matter the partisan makeup of Washington, we are making a difference.

When they elected us, pro-life voters across America made a statement, and it couldn’t have come too soon. After four years of the Trump Administration – the most pro-life Administration in memory – the Biden-Harris Administration and congressional Democrats are tripping over themselves trying to undo the progress we’ve made. From remaking the federal judiciary with pro-life judges to passing pro-life legislation through state legislatures across the country, we have made remarkable strides in recent years. Unfortunately, Democrats have only begun their assault on the right to life. In just the past several months alone, Democrats have funded abortion procedures with taxpayer dollars under the guise of “COVID relief,” abandoned the Hyde Amendment, and refused to pass even the most basic of legislation, such as providing lifesaving care to babies born of botched abortions. They have done this while claiming moral superiority, and they have not wasted a minute in trying to shame us into backing down.

But it is pro-life women that are at the forefront of this battle, and we will never back down. We will never give up on an issue that is simply too important to ignore. We are using our platforms to be voices for the voiceless, and we are doing what we know to be right. We are saving lives.

Is it easy? No. But is it worth it? Absolutely – and we must continue.

Just this week, as a co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, I joined my colleagues in urging the House to protect the Hyde Amendment and make sure taxpayers are not forced to pay for taxpayer-funded abortions. This is a policy that has been passed and signed into law on a bipartisan basis since 1976, but President Biden and Democrats want to end these protections and force the American people to fund a procedure at great odds with our personal, religious, and moral beliefs.

There is no more vulnerable person than a child in the womb. Do they not deserve our care and our protection? We know they do, and that is precisely why we need to remain in this fight together.

We need the power of your voices and your prayers. We need your commitment to the truth, and we need your willingness to stand up for that truth. Though there are days where it seems like all our work is for naught, we are truly changing hearts and minds.

A recent poll found that nearly seven in ten Millennials and Gen Z-ers are motivated to vote on abortion-related policy, and all signs point to those young people holding a far more nuanced view of abortion than the mainstream media would have us believe. In fact, that same poll found seven in ten of Millennials and Gen Z-ers expressed support for limits on abortion. If we continue to do this important work, we will continue to see results – because we are standing for what is right.

So, as I close today, I ask that you join me in praying for healing in our world. I ask that you join me in praying for renewed respect and protection for unborn children and their mothers – and that more hearts and minds will be changed. I ask that you continue to join me in being a beacon of hope and healing to those without the ability to speak for themselves. If we do not speak out, nobody will.

Thank you. May God bless you, may God bless the unborn, and may God bless America.