Biology Teacher Tells Pro-Abortion Politicians: Human Life Begins at Conception

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 22, 2021   |   3:22PM   |   Washington, DC

In less than two minutes, biology teacher Tony Kinnett answered an important question that prominent politicians have dodged and ignored: When does human life begin?

Kinnett, who also writes for The Federalist and other conservative news outlets, posted a short video to Twitter on Monday explaining that the answer to the question is simple, “universally agreed upon” science.

“It’s a human life from conception, and that is a scientific fact,” Kinnett explained.

He created the video after watching President Joe Biden’s press secretary and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dodge questions about when life begins earlier this month. Both were asked if an unborn baby at 15 weeks is a human being, but neither responded directly to the question. Instead, they answered by stating their support for a “woman’s right to choose.”

Kinnett said he is “a little sick of seeing politicians dodging questions on when a human life begins.”

“From a biology teacher, here’s when a human life begins and why they don’t answer that question,” he began. “… If it’s not a life, do whatever you want with it whenever. If it’s a human life, it’s automatically and immediately protected with the same rights we all have when it becomes a human life.”

The question should not be controversial – and it is not in the scientific community, he said.

“The biggest, universally agreed upon unilateral standard for the moment a human life begins is when the 23 chromosomes of the sperm and 23 chromosomes of the egg meet and create brand new, never before seen DNA,” Kinnett said.

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He said humanity does not come with birth, a heartbeat or the severing of the umbilical cord. A tumor does not have unique DNA, and an animal does not have human DNA, he continued.

“It’s not her body, her cells, her whatever. It’s a human life,” he said.

Politicians who support abortion “don’t answer the question because they can’t answer the question,” Kinnett said. If they did, it would destroy their pro-abortion position.

Kinnett explained in two minutes what scientists across the globe widely consider to be fact and have for many years. Biology and medical textbooks and prominent scientists confirm that a unique, living human being comes into existence at conception. Even some abortionists admit that they are killing a human life.