CNN Slams Catholic Bishops for Holding Pro-Abortion Politicians Accountable

National   |   Alex Christy   |   Jun 21, 2021   |   10:20AM   |   Washington, DC

On Friday, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops took a steps that may culminate with pro-abortion politicians, like President Joe Biden, being denied communion. On his CNN show that night, liberal Anderson Cooper welcomed liberal Jesuit priest James Martin and former liberal congressman and current CNN commentator Joe Kennedy III to accuse the bishops of being politically motivated.

Cooper asked Martin, “this is not a new position for President Biden and he’s been in public life for nearly half a century and been a Catholic all that time. Why do you think the Bishop’s Conference made this move now?”

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Martin theorized that the timing has to do with the fact that Biden is now president, which would make sense, but he then made the conversation about Republicans, “other Catholic politicians have not agreed with the Church on. For example, the death penalty, you have someone like Attorney General Barr ordering executions and there wasn’t talk about this.”

That, according to Martin, is unfortunate because it “makes it very difficult for people to move away from the assumption that at least some of this is politically motivated.”

Cooper was eager to keep the focus on Republicans and not abortion, asking Kennedy, “That’s interesting, Congressman Kennedy, do you think politics are at play here?”

Kennedy, being a good liberal Democrat, of course agreed, saying it was hard not to see the “juxtaposition of the lack of criticism from other high profile Republican office holders or appointees.”

He insisted that he understands Biden is the president and that the bishops felt the need to clarify doctrine, but he also alleged:

It is odd when you compare the devotion of President Biden to his faith with the behavior of former President Trump and the lack of a peep of criticism from the Conference of Catholic Bishops with regards to President Trump’s behavior in office individually or his policies and so it seems to create a pretty robust double standard where by you end up targeting Democratic politicians.

Of course, Trump is not Catholic, but Kennedy still went on to say that if the bishops and conservative Catholics really care about life, they will support liberal climate change and gun control policies, “if this is a devote question about life, then let lean into the epidemic of gun violence in this country and doing more to prevent gun violence, let’s lean into the issues on climate change and the conference so far hasn’t done that I think it obviously in near as a systemic ways as we’ve seen with regards to this issue.”

Cooper asked Martin to conclude the segment by talking about Kennedy’s point about hypocrisy. Martin pointed out that the bishops did condemn Trump on immigration, but agreed that the bishops should speak out more on other liberal priorities, “I think it’s unfair to just focus on one single issue as if that is the only — even the only life issue we’re supposed to be concerned about.”

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LifeNews Note: Alex Christy writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.