Liberal Media Censors Damning New Report on Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Death Toll

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Jun 18, 2021   |   12:53PM   |   Washington, DC

The shameful media cover-up of Andrew Cuomo’s death toll continued this week. The New York State Bar Association has concluded that the Democrat’s decision to force nursing homes to take Covid patients DID result in more deaths. This was first reported in the New York Post on Tuesday night. The network morning and evening shows have avoided it since.

The report concluded that “the directive, for the approximately six weeks that it was in effect, did lead to some number of additional deaths.” The document also declared that “it was unreasonable to leave the directive in place for so long” until it was reversed on May 10, 2020. Yet ABC, CBS and NBC ignored the latest devastating conclusions rocking the scandal-plagued Cuomo.

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By contrast, Fox News covered it on Wednesday night as Special Report host Bret Baier explained:

The New York State Bar Association says Andrew Cuomo’s directive nursing homes amid Covid-19 patients increase the death toll among residents. That’s according to a report obtained by The New York Post. It also criticized Cuomo for not reversing the mandates sooner saying it remained in effect weeks longer than necessary. Spokesperson for the state’s health department calls the report an example of some politicians pushing their own political agendas.

At this point, the media’s attempt to cover for Cuomo’s disastrous handling of Covid shouldn’t be a surprise. The Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes and Bill D’Agostino explained on March 1, 2021 the lengths the networks have gone to hid the truth:

Even though New Yorkers learned about the scandal in April 2020, the Cuomo-boosters in the national media refused to touch it. The broadcast evening newscasts made the Governor a star of their pandemic coverage, yet devoted a scant 51 seconds to it in all of 2020. This year, as the depths of Cuomo’s duplicity have become apparent, those same newscasts have delivered a scant 10 minutes, 56 seconds during the past four weeks (January 28 to February 25) — nearly as much airtime as they devoted over just four days (February 18-21) to Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s ill-advised trip to Cancun (eight minutes, 51 seconds). Note: Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and a contributing writer to NewsBusters, its blog where this item first appeared. Scott’s blogs have been featured in the “Inside Politics” section of the Washington Times and linked to on the Drudge Report. He is a graduate of George Mason University. This originally appeared at Newsbusters.