Senator Says a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby is a Human Being: “Follow the Science, a Baby is a Baby”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 17, 2021   |   4:03PM   |   Washington, DC

A Republican senator had no difficulty answering a question about whether a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t figure out the answer, but Republican Senator Joni Ernst had no trouble.

When asked if a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said, “yes,” and added that Democrats need to “follow the science” because “a baby is a baby.”

At the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, CNS News asked Senator Ernst, “So the Supreme Court is reviewing a law that Mississippi has that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. So my question is, do you believe that an unborn baby at 15 weeks is a human being?”

As CNS reports:

Senator Ernst replied, “Well, of course I do, I do, yes. I think that it is really important, and we have seen as well, that babies at that gestational age feel pain. So this is an effort that we’ve had here in the United States Senate and I’m glad that states are taking that up.”

“I believe in life, and I think it’s important to protect life,” she said. ” So I’m glad they’re doing it and I know other states have the same concerns. But what we want our friends across the aisle to understand is that, if you truly want to follow the science, then let’s follow the science. A baby is a baby.”

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Ernst continued, “And especially at that age, there is no doubt that they feel pain and, that through the process of abortion, it’s a horrific death for that child. And so, yes.”

Nancy Pelosi can’t figure out that an unborn baby at 15 weeks is a human being.

With the Supreme Court considering a Mississippi law that bans abortions on babies after 15 weeks, CNS News is asking Democrat senators if the baby at that point in pregnancy is a human being worth protecting. Pelosi couldn’t answer the question.

Instead, the pro-abortion House Speaker said she supported Roe v. Wade, which allows abortions up to birth, and she claimed she was an expert on abortion because she has children — even though she supports killing such children in abortions.

“Let me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Wade. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman’s right to choose,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said during her weekly press conference Thursday.