CBS Slams Catholics Who Want to Deny Joe Biden Communion: That’s “Weaponizing” It

National   |   Kyle Drennen   |   Jun 17, 2021   |   6:31PM   |   Washington, DC

While the leftist media have constantly tried to paint President Biden as a “devout Catholic” despite his numerous ideological conflicts with Church teaching, on Thursday, CBS This Morning at least acknowledged that the Democratic politician’s support for abortion put him at odds with his faith. However, the report ultimately warned the Church against “weaponizing” the Sacrament of Communion against the stridently pro-abortion president.

“And while President Biden has focused on global issues this week, there’s another battle that can directly affect the Church-going president,” fretted fill-in co-host Adriana Diaz as she introduced the segment. She explained: “The debate centers around whether Roman Catholic politicians who also support abortion rights should be allowed to receive communion.”

With the headline “Catholic Communion Fight,” blaring on screen, correspondent Ed O’Keefe worried:

Whether in Washington, his home state of Delaware, or even in England this past weekend, one thing is constant – President Biden heads to Catholic mass….But the President’s faith is under a new spotlight this week as the nation’s more than 200 Catholic bishops gather virtually. Among the topics to be discussed – whether high-profile Catholic politicians should be denied communion if they support abortion rights.

The reporter spun that Biden “has said he’s personally opposed to abortion,” before acknowledging that then-presidential candidate adopted a more radical pro-abortion stance in 2019 as he “dropped his long-standing opposition to federal funding for abortion procedures.”

O’Keefe noted: “The decision to give communion is still up to each of the country’s more than 200 diocesan bishops.” He then observed that while “Washington’s Cardinal, Wilton Gregory, says he plans to give communion to the President,”  San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone “says he wouldn’t give President Biden communion, in part because the President’s publicly at odds with an issue the Church considers very important.”

Rather than leave it at that, O’Keefe decided to line up a series of voices blasting any effort by Church officials to hold Biden accountable for openly backing abortion:

But others disagree. San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy wrote last month that “weaponizing the Eucharist will bring the terrible partisan divisions that have plagued our nation into the very act of worship.”

Polls show Church membership has steadily declined over the years, and Catholic University’s Kurt Martens says public debate over Mr. Biden’s faith could be harmful.

A soundbite ran of Martens, a supposed Canon Law Professor, scolding: “If you single out a president or any Catholic politician, you’re blowing up bridges. A dialogue is much better than the finger lifted trying to say from the pulpit, ‘Here is what you’re going to do.’” After all, the last thing any religion should ever do is offer moral guidance to anyone.

O’Keefe touted the White House calling Biden “a strong person of faith,” before hyping how “the Vatican is strongly urging American Catholic bishops not to take up this issue today, arguing that it would politicize the Eucharist.”

When Democrats like Biden use their faith as a political tool to promote themselves or lecture their opponents, the liberal media never warn of “weaponizing” religion or find pundits to accuse those politicians of “blowing up bridges.” However, when Catholic Church officials want to assert fundamental moral principles it’s tarred as “harmful.”

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