Christian Father Creates Free Internet Filter to Protect Kids From Abortion, Liberal Propaganda

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 11, 2021   |   11:17AM   |   Washington, DC

A Christian father just launched a new internet filtering service to help parents protect children from pro-abortion propaganda, pornography and other sexual content.

Michael Lee Mason said he created FreeFiltering in response to the pervasive, anti-Christian sexual agenda that children are being exposed to online, in the media and in public schools.

“Christian parents are rightfully concerned about the way their kids are being systematically exposed to false ideas about human sexuality at school,” Mason said in a press release. “Then, those ideas are all-too-easily reinforced with unfettered internet access at home.”

A father of three, he said other parental control filters compromise Christian values, and he wanted to create a new resource for Christian families.

FreeFiltering blocks the “bad stuff” on the internet, including pornography, information about abortion and “LGBTQ+ propaganda,” he said.

The service is free, though there is a fee for the premium membership option. It works by making a simple adjustment to the Wi-Fi router to block the network from accessing nearly 2 million websites with objectionable content, Mason said.

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He said they decided to use an affiliate marketing business model because they expect that they will be censored by big tech, as Christian values often are.

Already the startup has become a target of negative publicity.

New York Daily News published a critical piece this week that portrays Mason in a less than flattering light. It especially highlighted his quote about protecting children from the “wiles of the devil.”

A blog post a Parentology was even worse, mocking the project and Mason’s Christian beliefs:

The New York Daily News says the service is free (hence the name FreeFiltering). But if you’re really stoked about kicking Satan’s ass right out of your WiFi, you can pay for a premium plan that will give you “more advanced controls over the experience.” FreeFiltering users will be rewarded with “ongoing residual commissions” if they refer their porno-hating buddies who then decide to upgrade to the premium service.

Mason said they are seeking beta testers to help provide feedback and report flaws in the program. Find more details at

“A couple clicks can spiral into catastrophic physical and spiritual harm. As parents, we are entrusted with training up our children in the ‘way they should go.’ As that job becomes more difficult with each passing day, our company’s mission is to come alongside parents and provide tools to help them fulfill their God-given responsibilities,” he said.