El Paso, Texas is Abortion Free, Pro-Life Advocates Fighting to Keep It That Way

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 7, 2021   |   3:26PM   |   El Paso, Texas

Unborn babies are not being aborted in El Paso, Texas for the first time in years.

One News Now reports Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in El Paso closed for good in 2020 after 36 years of aborting unborn babies in the city.

Last year, the El Paso Planned Parenthood also stopped doing abortions due to COVID-19, and pro-life advocates are working hard to keep it that way.

“I fully expect Planned Parenthood is working to resume abortions soon, especially considering that situation where this other abortion business recently closed who had been competitors for them,” Mark Cavaliere of the Southwest Coalition for Life told One News Now. “That serves their financial interest to be able to offer abortions here as soon as possible.”

Cavaliere warned that unborn babies are still being aborted just a half a mile across the border in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Abortionist Francis Theard, who used to run the abortion facility in El Paso, has another abortion facility there.

“While Texas has always had fairly strict abortion restrictions and regulations, the state of New Mexico has none whatsoever,” Cavaliere said. “It’s kind of infamous as the late-term capital of the nation. Abortion is legal in New Mexico for any reason at all up to the day of birth — no parental consent for minors, no waiting period.”

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Theard has a poor reputation, having been accused of botched abortions and other health and safety violations, according to Live Action News.

Here’s more from the report:

Last year, Theard was accused of fleeing his abortion business after botching an abortion twice and refusing to give the woman her child’s remains. Theard’s abortion business had the woman and her husband arrested for disturbing the peace, but lost the case in court.

… Theard was also accused of traveling across state lines to circumvent Texas’ surgical restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, moving his surgical abortion equipment to New Mexico. There, a woman was injured and had to be taken back across state lines into Texas to go to the hospital and receive treatment.

He allegedly even allowed one of his nurses to illegally abort unborn babies. Before the El Paso facility closed in 2020, Abortion Free New Mexico released an undercover investigation in which a receptionist admitted that nurse/clinic manager Gloria Martinez does drug-induced abortions. Texas and most other states require a licensed doctor to do abortions.

In 2019, Abortion Free New Mexico also filed a complaint against Theard’s Santa Theresa abortion facility. In that case, the group found evidence that the facility may not have the proper equipment to comply with FDA safety regulations for abortions.

The bordering states of Texas and New Mexico could not be more opposite on the rights of unborn babies. Texas recently passed a law to ban abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. In contrast, New Mexico just passed a radical pro-abortion law to keep abortions up to birth legal for years to come and to repeal conscience protections for pro-life medical workers.