California Democrats Want Free Abortions for Everyone, Will Force Residents to Fund Them

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 7, 2021   |   9:55AM   |   Sacramento, California

A California bill advancing in the state legislature could lead to hundreds more unborn babies being killed in abortions in the state.

The pro-abortion bill, Senate Bill 245, would prohibit health insurance plans from charging co-pays, deductibles and other cost-sharing expenses for abortions in California, Kaiser Health News reports.

Sponsored by state Sen. Lena Gonzalez, D-Long Beach, the bill would increase abortions by about 100 every year, according to a California Health Benefits Review Board analysis. That is, 100 more unique, living human beings killed in abortions every year in their mothers’ wombs.

Gonzalez said she wants to eliminate cost barriers to abortion in California, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

“It’s tough to know your reproductive rights may be in question again after it’s been decided for 40 years,” Gonzalez said. “We’re taking a stance, not just to make abortions available but to make them free and equitable.”

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It is clear that Gonzalez and other abortion activists want more abortions, not fewer, even though abortions kill unborn babies and often harm their mothers. Nearly 1 million unborn babies are aborted in the U.S. every year, and nearly 63 million have been aborted since 1973.

Wynette Sills, director of the pro-life organization Californians for Life, said advocates who truly care about women should support more affordable maternity care, not abortions.

“If we’re trying to look out for the economically disadvantaged, I think it’s repulsive that the best we can offer is a free abortion,” Sills told the news outlet.

Pro-life advocates are not the only ones who oppose the bill. The California Association of Health Plans also is advocating against it.

According to the report, spokesperson Mary Ellen Grant said the bill and several others that would eliminate out-of-pocket insurance costs for certain medical care “would cumulatively increase premiums for all health plan enrollees.”

Despite the opposition, the bill passed the Democrat-controlled state Senate last week in a 31-8 vote and now moves to the state Assembly for consideration.

California already is one of the most pro-abortion states in America. It forces health insurance plans to cover elective abortions, and the state Medicaid program forces taxpayers to pay for them. By 2023, public colleges and universities also will be required to provide free abortions to students at their student health centers.

In California, a drug-induced abortion costs about $306, while an average first-trimester surgical abortion costs about $887, according to the California Health Benefits Review Board analysis. Abortion costs increase as the unborn baby grows.

State pro-life leaders are urging people to contact their legislators and ask them to vote against the bill.

“The Democrat party’s unlimited, never-ending promotion of abortion is atrocious,” Californians for Life said. “Make sure your senator knows that you oppose these pro-abortion legislation.”

ACTION ALERT: Contact California state lawmakers and urge opposition to this pro-abortion legislation.