Radicalizing America: Left Builds Online ‘Truth Brigade’ Army to Spread Liberal Propaganda

National   |   Alexander Hall   |   Jun 2, 2021   |   9:17AM   |   Washington, DC

The left has begun to gather a massive coalition of volunteers to combat so-called misinformation online as the 2022 midterm elections approach.

“‘The Truth Brigade’ now has thousands of volunteers who are using their personal social media accounts to dispel purported falsehoods from right-wing influencers and promote their own messages,” The Washington Post reported June 1. The Indivisible Project declared itself to be a “grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.” The Post made a critical observation that the priorities of the liberal establishment have changed in terms of what speech to target online: “Democrats’ worries have shifted from fighting foreign influence campaigns and bot networks to responding to domestic figures and outlets amplifying disinformation.”

The news outlet noted that the reassessment of priority toward domestic information goes all the way up to party leadership: “Indivisible Project is not alone in grappling with this issue. The Democratic National Committee recently overhauled its counter disinformation unit to better respond to Republican politicians and right-leaning publications.”

Indivisible Project Co-Executive Director Leah Greenberg commented to The Post: “You can do a lot of thinking about what is exactly the right message, but who is the messenger is often more important.” She then suggested, “This is really about bringing the message and messenger together.”

Principal at Dewey Square Group and an adviser to the Truth Brigade Tim Chambers described the initiative as a “long-term strategy” for “building out infrastructure in a way to counter disinformation long-term.”

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Indivisible Project’s website featured a statement that showed brazen political partisanship: “WE BEAT TRUMP. NOW, LET’S SAVE DEMOCRACY.” The website explained: “Right now, we are facing the interlocking catastrophes of a rigged democracy, global pandemic, unimaginable and growing wealth inequality, racial injustice, and the escalating impacts of the climate crisis. We’re fighting back. People like you are leading local Indivisible groups in every single state. Be part of history—join the Indivisible movement.”

The website declared that the organization pushes for some truly radical objectives.

One section of the website labeled “TAKING ACTION IN SOLIDARITY WITH BLACK LIVES” proclaimed: “It is not enough to discuss a need for bias trainings or an increase in body cameras — we must demand transformative change. Following the lead of Black-led organizations like the Movement 4 Black Lives, we believe it is critical to defund the police and reinvest in community services that keep everyone safe.”

LifeNews Note: Alexander Hall writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.