China Announces New Three-Child Policy, But Will Still Force Women to Have Abortions

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 1, 2021   |   9:16AM   |   Beijing, China

For decades, China has aggressively instituted a population control program that has been responsible for killing hundreds of millions of babies in abortions and subjugating women to forced abortions and sterilizations.

The coercive population control program began with the infamous one-child policy, that was later modified to a two-child policy. Now, China’s communist authorities have announced another change, by allowing couples to have three children.

In an article entitled, “China Relaxes Family Planning Policy to Allow Couples to Have Three Children,” a Chinese Communist Party-affiliated news outlet announced curtly today:

China officially further relaxed its family planning policy, allowing couples to give birth to three children. The move aims to improve China’s population structure and actively respond to the country’s aging problem.  This is a developing story. We will update it later.

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of the human rights group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, told that the new three-child policy is nothing to celebrate because women will still be forced to kill their babies in abortions if they get pregnant again.

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“China’s move from a two-child policy to a three-child policy is nothing to celebrate.  China should abolish all coercive population control.  It is not the business of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “allow” couples, or single women, to have children of whatever number,” she said. “A three-child policy keeps the “womb police” in business.  They will still be tracking women’s fertility and birth, and punishing those who find themselves ‘illegally pregnant.'”

Littlejohn continued: “According to a 2020 Radio Free Asia report, “. . . an average of 8 million ‘extra’ pregnancies are aborted in China each year.”  Since the new three-child policy applies to only “couples,” single women will still be forcibly aborted, as will fourth children.  These gross violations of women’s rights and human rights must be stopped, effective immediately.”

Earlier this year, Chinese officials celebrated their population control and forced abortion efforts.

The Chinese Communist government celebrated a decline in births in a region where it has been accused of persecuting minorities by forcing them to abort their unborn babies. The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. treated the report as good news, even highlighting how its government’s “process of eradicating [religious] extremism” contributed to the declining birth rates.

The Chinese Communist Party’s eradication “process” reportedly involves massive persecution of Uygur Muslims in the Xinjiang region by detaining them in Nazi concentration camp-like facilities, forcing women to undergo sterilizations and forcing them to abort unborn babies through all nine months of pregnancy.

According to the Chinese Embassy in America, however, its government is helping women.

“Study shows that in the process of eradicating extremism, the minds of Uygur women in Xinjiang were emancipated and gender equality and reproductive health were promoted, making them no longer baby-making machines,” the Chinese Embassy wrote on Twitter. “They are more confident and independent.”

It linked to a China Daily article that reported “decreases in the birthrate and natural population growth rate in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in 2018 result[ing] from the eradication of religious extremism, a report released on Thursday said.”

The article denied that the decrease was caused by forced sterilization of the Uygurs. Instead, it praised China’s oppressive population control measures for giving women greater “emancipation,” “bodily autonomy,” “gender equality” and “reproductive health.”

“Family planning policies have been fully implemented in the region in accordance with the law,” according to the report.

These include limits on how many children families are allowed to have. Chinese families are limited to two or three children, and family planning rules require that each pregnancy be spaced three to four years apart, according to multiple news reports.

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Daily Caller writer Mary Margaret Olohan expressed shock when she saw the report Thursday.

“Absolutely unbelievable. China touting a decline in births in Xinjiang where they are forcing women to have abortions and sterilizations based on their religion– and pretending it is making these women ‘more confident and independent.’ You can’t make this stuff up,” she responded on Twitter.

Olohan urged Planned Parenthood and other so-called women’s “reproductive rights” groups to condemn the “insanity.”

The population control policies have had a devastating effect on China and its people and the Asian nation now faces an underpopulation problem. The Chinese population is growing old and increasingly male after decades of oppressive population control measures

China just published the results of its 2020 census. The report found that while the population continues to grow, its growth is much slower than it used to be, The Daily Mail reports. According to the census, China has 1.41 billion people, a 5.4 percent increase since 2010.

And while worries about the aging population and its impact on the economy increase, abortions continue to be a huge problem in China. Some are by “choice,” others are forced or coerced, and some are done for the purposes of sex-selection.

Approximately 13 million unborn babies are aborted in China every year, though some researchers believe the number may be much higher. It is possible that more babies are aborted in China than are born. According to the new census data, there were about 12 million births in 2020, the lowest number since 1961.

For decades, many unborn babies were forcibly aborted under the Chinese Communist Party’s one child policy. In 2015, the government revised its population control measures to allow two children per family, but reports indicate that forced and coerced abortions still occur.

The census also found that fewer people are marrying and many women are delaying having children or giving it up altogether.

The data also suggests that discriminatory sex-selection abortions are on-going, eliminating millions of girls from the population. According to the census, there are 34.9 million more men than women in China.