UK Prohibits Doctor From Practicing Medicine Just Because She Saved a Baby From Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 27, 2021   |   10:01AM   |   London, England

Pro-life doctors in the United Kingdom are being punished for helping women save their unborn babies through the abortion pill reversal procedure.

The pro-abortion group openDemocracy rejoiced this week after its undercover investigation into UK doctors providing abortion pill reversal procedures resulted in one doctor being investigated and placed on “interim conditions” at work.

According to the group, the UK General Medical Council prohibited Dr. Eileen Reilly from practicing medicine without supervision at a hearing in May. It also is conducting an investigation to determine whether further discipline is warranted.

Reilly is being punished because she offers abortion pill reversal treatments to mothers who regret their abortions and want to save their babies’ lives. An OB-GYN, she said she offers the life-saving treatment outside her regular job, and UK doctors have helped about 100 women and babies thus far.

The abortion pill reversal protocol has saved more than 2,000 babies’ lives across the world since its invention. An updated application of a treatment used for decades to prevent miscarriage, it reverses the effects of the first abortion drug with doses of progesterone.

Research and medical experts indicate that the treatment is safe and effective. The American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists supports it, and even a prestigious Yale School of Medicine doctor told the New York Times that the treatment “makes biological sense,” and he would recommend it to his own daughter.

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OpenDemocracy even admitted that “progesterone in itself is not a dangerous drug.” Still, abortion activists have been criticizing the treatment as “dangerous” and “anti-science.”

Earlier this spring, an undercover investigator with the pro-abortion group called the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline and was connected to Reilly.

The pro-abortion group described its investigation:

Dr Reilly offered an openDemocracy undercover reporter a prescription for Cyclogest pessaries containing progesterone, with instructions for the long-running ‘treatment’ regimen …

When asked about the potential health risks of trying to ‘reverse’ an abortion, Dr Reilly told our reporter: “At the end of the day, you live in the UK, you’ve got a hospital there and if you were worried about the bleeding, you’d go get help.”

In April, the pro-abortion group reported Reilly to the General Medical Council. Then, during the May hearing, the council punished Reilly with six “interim conditions,” including constant supervision by a clinical supervisor and a requirement to obtain approval from “the GMC before working or volunteering as a registered medical practitioner in a non-NHS post or setting,” according to the pro-abortion group.

Dr. Dermot Patrick Kearney in the UK also is being investigated for providing the abortion pill reversal treatment, according to openDemocracy.

Abortion activists, lawmakers and a United Nations official all slammed the doctors for their life-saving work.

“I’m glad that the General Medical Council is investigating this. UK doctors should not be working with anti-abortion activists to advise and prescribe a treatment that is unproven and dangerous,” MP Nadia Whittome told the pro-abortion group.

Melissa Upreti, vice chair of the United Nations working group on discrimination against women and girls, called for multiple investigations of the pro-life doctors, claiming they are misleading women and subjecting them to “medically dangerous procedures.”

“There can be no doubt that women are the victims here,” Upreti said.

However, none identified any complaints or complications from women who underwent the abortion pill reversal treatment and saved their unborn babies’ lives. Quite the opposite, many women who have sought the treatment are now sharing how thankful they are that doctors helped them reverse the abortion process and save their babies’ lives.

A 2018 peer-reviewed study showed up to 68 percent of women who changed their mind about an abortion and started the abortion pill reversal treatment were able to give birth to healthy babies. The study also found no increased risk of birth defects or preterm births.

The abortion pill reversal procedure works by counteracting the abortion drug mifepristone, one of two typically taken together to abort an unborn baby. Mifepristone makes the uterus inhospitable to new life by blocking the hormone progesterone. The reversal procedure involves giving the mother doses of progesterone to counteract the abortion drug. The abortion pill reversal procedure does not work after the mother takes the second drug, misoprostol, one or two days later.

Anyone who has taken the first abortion pill and wishes to stop the abortion is urged to immediately visit or call the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline at 877-558-0333.