Joe Biden’s Budget Kills Hyde Amendment, Forces Taxpayers to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 27, 2021   |   5:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden is expected to introduce an unprecedented plan to force taxpayers to fund abortions through his 2022 budget.

CBN News reports Biden is scheduled to present his budget plan Friday to Congress, and many predict that it will eliminate the long-standing Hyde Amendment and other prohibitions on taxpayer funding for elective abortions.

The Hyde Amendment, which has been in place since 1976, prohibits taxpayer funding for most abortions in Medicaid and other federal programs. It has saved an estimated 2.4 million babies from abortions, including about 60,000 each year, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Though the amendment has widespread public support, the abortion industry wants it gone, and abortion advocacy groups have been putting constant pressure on the Biden administration to end it.

According to CBN News:

Politico reports Biden is expected to leave out the Hyde Amendment as well as any other pro-life acknowledgments in his spending proposal in a move to try to please progressives and abortion activists. …

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Politico reports any effort of doing away with the Hyde Amendment this year would likely fail due to moderate Senate Democrats wanting to keep the ban in place.

Until recently, even most Democrat politicians supported the Hyde Amendment – including Biden. On the campaign trail, however, he abandoned the popular position on the issue and agreed to help the abortion industry achieve its goal of forcing taxpayers to pay for the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, urged lawmakers to fight back and defend the consciences of the strong majority of Americans.

“For more than four decades, the Hyde family of pro-life policies has kept American taxpayers out of the abortion business, with Hyde itself saving nearly 2.5 million lives,” Dannenfelser said. “The Biden budget could put longstanding, bipartisan pro-life amendments on the chopping block, and Congress must fight back. We encourage our allies to be tireless in fighting to preserve the common ground Hyde principle and to reject any budget that omits vital pro-life protections.”

Polls consistently show that most Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortions. Significantly, a 2016 Harvard/Politico poll found that voters who make more than $75,000 were more supportive of forcing taxpayers to fund abortions (45 percent in favor), while those who make $25,000 or less were strongly against it (24 percent in favor). In other words, the people most likely to qualify for a Medicaid-covered, taxpayer-funded abortion are more likely to oppose it.

Earlier this year, pro-life Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate issued joint statements promising to fight against any effort to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

Two Democrat lawmakers, U.S. Sens. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, also said they support the Hyde Amendment.

Research by the Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates the Hyde Amendment has saved about 2.4 million babies from abortions.

Prior to the amendment, in the 1970s, Americans paid for about 300,000 unborn babies’ abortion deaths each year, according to a report from the Family Research Council.