Pennsylvania House Panel Passes Bill Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

State   |   Maria Gallagher   |   May 25, 2021   |   6:24PM   |   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

In an emotional appeal to the hearts and minds of her fellow legislators, Pennsylvania state Representative Kate Klunk (R-York County) urged the House Health Committee to approve Down syndrome protection legislation.

“We need to love these children inside the womb and outside of the womb,” Klunk said. She was speaking on behalf of House Bill 1500, which would bar abortions for the reason of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

“We need to stand up for those who don’t have a voice in Pennsylvania,” Klunk noted. The lawmaker, who is the mother of two, pointed out that “children with Down syndrome live amazing lives.”

She also stated that families with children with Down syndrome with whom she has spoken “don’t see that extra chromosome as a challenge. They see it as a blessing.”

House Bill 1500 was reported out of the Health Committee by a vote of 15-10. It now heads to the floor for full consideration by the PA House of Representatives.

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In other business, the Health Committee approved House Bill 118, which ensures the respectful treatment of the remains of unborn babies who have died prior to birth. The committee also okayed House Bill 904, which would ban abortions after a preborn baby’s heartbeat is detected.

The package of pro-life bills is considered a victory for preborn babies and their mothers in PA. Still, pro-life advocates must be vigilant to get the bills across the legislative finish line.

Action Item: If you live in Pennsylvania, please send an email to your state representative urging a “Yes” vote on the Down Syndrome protection bill by clicking here ( Note: Maria Gallagher is the Legislative Director and Political Action Committee Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and she has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.