They’re Back! Abortion Activists Renew Their Attacks on Pro-Woman Pregnancy Centers

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 24, 2021   |   5:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Here we go again. The abortion industry, Planned Parenthood and who knows who else are at it again, running to Yelp and other review apps to tell women just how awful we are.

And we are awful, right? I mean, a young woman and a young man come in our door and we dare to tell them there is hope for their situation. What’s worse, in many cases they are offered an opportunity to see their “product of conception”—also known as a “child in utero” or a “baby”—before making a pregnancy decision.

What we do friends, is so last century. It’s naïve. And because those who oppose never lie, what we do must be “fake.” Perhaps we need to suspend the First Amendment for people like us. In California, Illinois and other states, people are working diligently to do just that. Thank (whomever one wishes to call a higher power, including one’s self) for this.

We could go on. At centers and ministries like ours, no one is asked to pay for our services. What’s up with that? How about a little greed, folks? When people are hurting and struggling, we should make ‘em pull out some cash or a credit card and give them a little kick in the financial behind. Or make the taxpayers pony up the money.

We should not let a crisis go to waste, especially when there is an opportunity to pad our wallets. So once again, Pregnancy Help Ministries like us just don’t get it.

We—the Pregnancy Help Community—are rubes, believing things like “Life is a gift” and “There is hope even in what appear to be hopeless situations.” Silly stuff. We need to get real.

And another thing. We dare give women things like choices and options. We talk about parenting, adoption, co-parenting, marriage—stuff like that. Who does this anymore? A woman or couple facing an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have a choice. The word itself is passe; out of style.

We need to understand today’s world is not about something called “choice” but about directing them to a place where the problem can be removed; where money can be made and we are no longer involved in someone’s life—unless they come back again, which means more cash.

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In fact, maybe we can work with the abortion industry. What if we gave referrals, just like Illinois wants us to do? We could partner with the abortion industry and negotiate a little kickback; say, 20 percent. We’d have no more budget issues, and the abortion industry would suddenly salute us. It’s not Lamborghini worthy, but it’s a start, right?

We can stay open. We can smile, offer pregnancy tests, distort the ultrasound a bit and call a baby anything we’d like. Why let science and truth get in the way of progress?

C’mon folks. We’re not talking surrender here; just a little shift. The world out there would like us. We’d be featured in Cosmo, Teen Vogue and elsewhere—and in a good way for a change.

It would be soooo easy. Of course, those who support us would disappear, but who needs them? For many of us, it is a constant battle to raise funds. What if we not only got our finder’s fees but a little subsidy from the big boys on the abortion block? And Washington, too?

Suddenly, we would be relevant. Cool. Hip. Cecile Richards would pat us on the back and welcome us to the fam.

None of us would fret over benefits or retirement. We would be on the same team as the popular kids. We might get invited to cocktail parties with the Hollywood stars. Ahhhh, to live the high life.

There is only one problem with this scenario: it’s not who we are.

When all of us started this journey, at different times and in different places, we did not do so to win favor from the elite and powerful. We joined this growing team because we believe every human being—in any situation and at every stage of life—has value.

We believe hurting people need hope. We believe it is our mission to provide help, and be those people who walk with our new friends through a difficult and challenging season of life.

We do not believe pregnancy is the end of the world, but that it can be beginning of something new—even something wonderful.

We don’t care about the accolades, and we don’t care about the money. We don’t fret over social standing or hope to be the subject of a glowing magazine article. What someone in Hollywood thinks of us never crosses our minds. We simply don’t care.

We do, however, care about people. And because we do, we wake up every morning determined to serve, to support and to encourage.

The negative reviews on Yelp and other platforms may come. So be it. We must be prepared and must answer with the truth.

The truth is, we’re not going anywhere. Those whom we’ve served know this and while they may not shout and scream about it on social media, they love us. And they are thankful we plan to stick around, regardless of what others may say.

LifeNews Note: Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, where this originally appeared, and an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall.