Baby Saved From Abortion When Sidewalk Counselor Helps a Mom Choose Life

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 20, 2021   |   5:45PM   |   San Diego, California

Pro-life sidewalk counselors provide a last ray of hope to mothers and unborn babies outside abortion facilities across the world.

Some never know if they have helped to save a baby’s life. But last week, one pro-life advocate with Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego believes she did.

In a letter published at California Catholic Daily, the sidewalk counselor asked for prayers for the woman and her unborn baby after she watched the woman leave a San Diego Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

“Please pray for this woman to continue to stand firm in her choice to give life to her unborn baby,” the pro-life organization wrote.

The sidewalk counselor said she watched a car pull up into the parking lot that day and saw a man inside. She said the woman was sitting in the back seat, so she did not see her initially.

When the man, likely the woman’s boyfriend, approached the sidewalk counselor to ask if the abortion facility was closed, the sidewalk counselor responded, “No, it’s open, but I wouldn’t recommend going in there.”

She shared information with the man about a baby’s development in the womb and showed him images at different development stages. Then, she said the man returned to the car and began speaking with the woman in a different language.

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The sidewalk counselor said the man appeared to be encouraging the woman to go into the abortion facility, but the woman got out of the car and stood beside her instead.

The sidewalk counselor said she shared information with the woman about a local maternity home and other support services available in the community. Then, she showed her a brochure with information about an unborn baby’s development and told her that an unborn baby has a heartbeat by six weeks of pregnancy.

“Then the counselor explained how the abortion pill, vacuum aspiration, and D&E abortions happen, and depending how far along she was, Planned Parenthood would recommend one of those,” the letter continued. “Her eyes got big a couple of times while the counselor explained the abortions and her boyfriend became impatient, shifting a bit and trying to interrupt.”

Eventually, the pro-life counselor said the woman went inside with her boyfriend. To her joy, however, she said they came back out again just a few minutes later. She watched them sit on a bench and talk quietly for a few minutes and then get into their car and leave, she said.

Though they did not speak to her again, a glance from the woman and a nod from the man gave her hope that they chose life.