Pro-Abortion Feminist Claims “My Abortions Made Me a Mom”

Opinion   |   Dave Andrusko   |   May 12, 2021   |   6:45PM   |   Washington, DC

Okay, I stipulate that there is probably nothing too zany to appear on the pro-abortion site You have to read what they regularly produce to appreciate that “My Abortions Made Me a Mom” is pretty much par for the course.

A colleague of mine just ran across Maleeha Aziz’s post which appeared  just before Mother’s Day.

The juxtaposition between stating “I love Mother’s Day” and  celebrating how disposing of two other children made her a [better?] Mom is enough to send your head spinning. But it all makes sense when you see that her account is part of Rewire’s “Reimagine Motherhood.”

Which is what? Since more than half of women who abort already have children, we are to view abortion through that prism. Let’s not talk about what happened to the unlucky children, let’s focus on the children who made it through the gauntlet.

Let’s also be sure, like Aziz, to conclude, that her second abortion “allowed me to be a loving, present, and adoring mother to the center of my universe,” the one of three children she didn’t abort.

In Aziz’s story we learn she had an abortion at age 20. “Because of my abortion, I met my husband, and I had a baby on my terms,” she writes. “We are now parents to the sweetest little girl who is the center of our universe.”


She becomes pregnant when her little girl  turns 13 months old. She comes down with hyperemesis gravidarum four months into her pregnancy.

“Feeling so miserable and unable to care for or spend time with my little girl broke my heart. I was not willing to miss out on her childhood and I knew I wanted another abortion.” Never mind that the child she is about to dispatch will miss out on his or her entire childhood.

Aziz and her husband make a list of pros and cons and the pros of having a chemical [“medication”] abortion carry the day. It is at this point that you start rubbing your eyes in total disbelief.

My previous abortion helped me prepare better this time around, and it was a pleasant experience. I had a fantastic obstetrician supporting my decision. I hired an abortion doula and tasked my husband with caring for our daughter. My daughter was in the room while I had an abortion, playing with my husband and her toys. I was in a tub of warm water, watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating a sandwich through the pain while my doula supported me emotionally and physically.

Yes, you read that right. Her little girl is in the room while Aziz aborts her sibling, eating a sandwich and watching television.

I passed the pregnancy; my doula double-checked to make sure. When it was all over, we flushed the embryo down the toilet. My husband put our daughter to sleep, and my doula helped me get into my bed. My husband spent the night being extra nice and caring for me. My second abortion was an incredible experience as I felt loved and supported. It is an experience that I want for all those seeking a medication abortion.

Having flushed the remains of their baby down the toilet, husband and wife bond as he is “extra nice.” Unlike the aborted child, Aziz feels “loved and supported.”

Aziz finishes with a rhetorical flourish:

This Mother’s Day, I will be celebrating my mother, my decisions, and all that my abortions gave me: my daughter, motherhood on my terms, freedom from harm, and my wonderful life with my husband. The books, flowers, and cards are lovely, of course, but they cannot compete with my daughter’s laughter and my love for my family. Every Mother’s Day, I will celebrate that.

It’s hard to know what to say to someone so completely tone-deaf. Munching a sandwich as your child’s life is sucked out of them. Flushing a baby’s remains down a toilet, like he/she were scraps of food scraped off a plate. Delighting over how nice your husband is to you now that there is just the three of them again.

How sad. How sad for Aziz. How sad for her husband. How terribly sad for that defenseless unborn baby. Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in his National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.