Planned Parenthood Injures Teen in Botched Abortion, 911 File Censored to Cover It Up

State   |   Cheryl Sullenger   |   May 11, 2021   |   11:52AM   |   Springfield, Illinois

A 19-year-old woman walked into the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Springfield, Illinois, on February 4, 2021, and ended up hemorrhaging and leaving in an ambulance.

According to 911 records provided to Operation Rescue by Springfield Right to Life, the woman was eleven weeks pregnant and hemorrhaged 300 milliliters of blood, which is equivalent to approximately 10.6 ounces.

The audio file was redacted to remove any mention of an abortion, even though the incident took place on a surgical abortion day when services other than abortion are either greatly curtailed or unavailable.

Because of the information in the 911 audio recording and the “Call for Service” report,it is likely suffered serious complications to a first trimester surgical suction aspiration abortion.

The ambulance was dispatched under a Priority 1 – Critical designation, which would require lights and sirens.  It took just ten minutes after the ambulance arrived at Planned Parenthood until it arrived at the hospital with the seriously injured teen on board.

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Springfield Right to Life also provided “Call for Service” reports for five emergencies that took place on surgical abortion days in 2020.  No 911 audio recordings were available for those incidents.

  • November 19, 2020:  This incident was previously reported by Operation Rescue.  It involved an 18-year-old woman who passed out and hit her head.
  • August 6, 2020: A 17-year-old teenager suffered severe hemorrhaging after an abortion.  She had been 13 weeks pregnant.  The ambulance was dispatched with a medium Priority 3 code but was ordered to employ lights and sirens.
  • June 3, 2020: An ambulance was called for another Planned Parenthood client, but was it was later cancelled when the woman was transported privately to the hospital.  Her condition was not reported because no services were provided by the EMT crew.
  • May 27, 2020: A 22-year-old woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance with a 1-Critical priority who had passed out due to high blood pressure.
  • January 8, 2020: A 32-year-old diabetic woman with low blood sugar suffered abnormal breathing.  An ambulance was dispatched with a critical Priority 1 designation.  The woman was transported to the hospital for care Planned Parenthood could not provide.

“This Planned Parenthood facility seems ill-equipped to handle common abortion complications, which are occurring far too often.  On average, they are hospitalizing one woman approximately every nine weeks,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “But we have come to expect this kind of shoddy care from Planned Parenthood.  Unfortunately, this facility operates in a state that only last year dumped almost every abortion safety law it had on the books, leaving abortion businesses largely unaccountable.  Sadly, because Illinois has decided to turn a blind eye to abortion abuses, we can expect to see more injured women and dead babies at this Planned Parenthood facility in the future.” Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue.