I Earned The Name “Mother,” Don’t You Dare Demote Me To “Birthing Person”

Opinion   |   Virginia Kruta   |   May 7, 2021   |   4:42PM   |   Washington, DC

As someone who has birthed five persons, I believe I have earned the name “mother.” I won’t be demoted to “birthing person.”

Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush testified before Congress, telling a truly moving story about how her premature son could have been a statistic, and that story fell by the wayside because she used the term “birthing person” to express the fact that she was a mother.

Bush later explained, as did abortion advocate group NARAL, that the term was being used to “include” people who might not identify as women.

But being inclusive with words does not change the fundamental biological necessity that getting pregnant and giving birth requires a uterus, and a uterus is unique to biological females.

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What being inclusive with words does, however, is it begins to marginalize women by taking away one of the few things that is uniquely ours.

Women have the incredible power to grow and nurture humans beings into existence. Dismissing them as simply “birthing people” and arguing that pregnancy and childbirth are not things that only women can do strips away some of that unique power.

Changing the language does not make women less than — but it devalues the singularity of our contribution to our families, and ultimately, to our societies as a whole.

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