CNN Calls Senator Tim Scott an Uncle Tom for Republicans Who Defends “Jim Crow” Laws

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Apr 29, 2021   |   8:43AM   |   Washington, DC

Casual racism was the disgusting tone CNN decided to go with following South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s delivery of the Republican response to President Biden’s address to Congress Wednesday night. Together, chief political correspondent Dana Bash and senior political correspondent Abby Phillip cackled as they attacked Scott as a liar for defending Republican election integrity efforts and dispelling the false notion they were worse than Jim Crow.

As Bash was getting into her reaction to Scott’s rebuttal, she started to give a wink and nudge to Scott’s supposed status as a token black by noting his “brand” and “unique voice in the Republican Party.”

She went on to essentially suggest Scott was being an Uncle Tom for defending something that was allegedly “worse than Jim Crow”:

He’s the only black Republican in the United States Senate and talking about the Democrats attacking these voting restrictions that are being passed across the country and these states as Jim Crow – worse than Jim Crow and fighting back against that kind of rhetoric; was interesting but it’s actually – it’s not necessarily true.

Bash and Phillip cackled in unison while declaring: “It’s not true.”

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“It’s just flat not true that states like Georgia are not making it more difficult for people to vote,” Bash added without evidence. “And you know, by and large, those are people of color in those states that have been able to vote easily or were in 2020.”

Before they dipped into their casual racism, Phillip whined about Scott bringing up the fact Senate Democrats had used the filibuster to shoot down his police reform bill:

This was an extraordinary partisan speech for Tim Scott, especially, I thought, on the issue of policing which is something he actively, right now, working with Democrats on. He really strongly criticized Democrats on the issue in a way that I thought surprising, given that he apparently fines it worthwhile to actually work with them, right now, to get something done.

But of course, they refused to address the part of Scott’s speech where he called out the “progressives” who called him “Uncle Tom” and the “N-word.”

Interesting how that works.

Following those two, liberal commentator Van Jones made an appearance and decried Scott for saying America was not racist.

“But he lost a lot of African-Americans by the tens of millions when he said ‘America is not a racist nation,’” he said. “Look, you can say that we’re getting better, you can say we’ve come a long way, but when you look at these numbers, when you look at these statistics, it is very clear that this country is still struggling with racism.”

And Jones too seemed to tap on tokenism as the reason Scott was chosen to give the response. “With that said, there is a reason they put him up,” he opined. “He’s the best they’ve got. He can give that message, he can talk about – he can try to polish up all the Republican nonsense without the sharp edges better than the rest of them.”

This is CNN.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.