FDA Caught Buying Body Parts From Aborted Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 15, 2021   |   10:17AM   |   Washington, DC

Newly-released documents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggest that the federal government may be using Americans’ tax dollars to illegally buy the body parts of viable, late-term unborn babies for research.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch published nearly 600 pages of recently unsealed documents this month, showing correspondence between FDA researchers and Advanced Bioscience Resources, a human fetal tissue procurement nonprofit that works with Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups, The Federalist reports.

Based on the documents, the FDA spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to buy body parts from aborted babies from Advanced Bioscience Resources; researchers then used the babies’ tissue to create “humanized mice” for drug testing.

Some of the aborted babies were as old as 24 weeks gestation; viability is now about 22 weeks.

“These fetal organ trafficking documents shock the conscience and show potentially illegal use of tax dollars to purchase organs of the unborn killed through abortion,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said.

The documents include emails between the FDA and Advanced Bioscience Resources between 2012 and 2018, the year when the Trump administration cut off funding to the unethical experiment.

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One email from the FDA to Advanced Bioscience Resources in 2012 states that the government will pay $12,000 up front for “tissue purchases” including “one set of tissue (thymus/liver) approx. twice monthly,” “fresh; shipped on wet ice.” Researchers asked for “tissue” from babies aborted between 16 and 24 weeks gestation.

The Federalist described another email exchange dated Oct. 17, 2012:

With the callousness of picking a cut of meat from a butcher shop, an FDA doctor requests tissue samples be procured from a baby boy, as they claim “It is strongly preferred to have a male fetus if at all possible … [but] undetermined sex or female is better than no tissue.”

Even more appalling is an ABR employee complaining about the difficulty of identifying the sex of aborted babies. “We only check external genitalia and if it’s not there … we have no way of telling.” The fact techs are unable to identify the sex of aborted babies is no surprise to those familiar with the barbaric nature of abortion procedures, which require clinic staff to piece together mangled remains of babies after their limbs and organs are torn apart.

Another email exchange dated May 9, 2013 complained about “beautiful tissues” being ruined because the package was x-rayed during shipment.

Advanced Bioscience Resources wrote: “D— … they were wonderful tissues. I procured them! I’m training a new tech in Minneapolis and I told her how important it is to put the DO NOT X-RAY stickers on the package. Of course if you have an IMBECILE on the [shipping company] side … but then, now it’s a moot point.”

An FDA researcher responded: “Yes, we were absolutely heartbroken. They were beautiful tissues and to lose them like that was awful.”

These callous exchanges show how babies in the womb are treated like commodities rather than valuable human beings.

Judicial Watch is suing the federal government over the release of these and other records pertaining to aborted babies and scientific research. In March, it won another victory when a federal court ordered the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to release portions of records that previously had been redacted.

According to the organization, the court agreed that “there is reason to question” whether the transactions violate federal laws that prohibit selling aborted baby body parts.

The court ruled that Advanced Bioscience Resources “sold second-trimester livers and thymi for hundreds of dollars apiece. The same for brains, eyes and lungs. After tacking on fees for services like shipping and cleaning, ABR could collect over $2,000 on a single fetus it purchased from Planned Parenthood for $60. The federal government participated in this potentially illicit trade for years.”

The court also disagreed with the government’s argument that the documents are “confidential business information” and qualify for an exception under the Freedom of Information Act, according to Judicial Watch.

Last year, Judicial Watch released 165 pages of records from the FDA through a Freedom of Information Request regarding the purchase of aborted baby body parts. The watchdog organization has been investigating how tax dollars are being used to pay for unethical research using body parts from aborted babies.

Several years ago, David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress also uncovered evidence of potentially illegal sales of human body parts by Planned Parenthood. The undercover investigation found abortionists allegedly putting women’s lives at risk by altering abortion procedures to better harvest aborted baby parts. The investigators also found evidence of possible patient privacy violations.