Hawaii Governor David Ige Signs Bill Allowing Nurses to Kill Babies in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 13, 2021   |   12:17PM   |   Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed a pro-abortion law Monday that pro-life leaders warn will put more lives at risk by allowing nurses to abort unborn babies.

Hawaii News Now reports Ige, a pro-abortion Democrat, and abortion advocacy groups asserted that the legislation is necessary because Hawaii has a doctor shortage.

The new law, House Bill 576, allows advanced practice registered nurses to do first-trimester abortions either with abortion drugs or by the surgical aspiration method.

Hawaii Life Alliance urged lawmakers to vote against the bill, testifying about the serious risks to women and girls as well as unborn babies.

“Vacuum aspiration is performed with a machine that uses a vacuum to suck the baby out of the uterus,” the pro-life organization told lawmakers in February. “If women are going to choose to use this risky method where there are notable risks and complications, they need to be closely monitored and they need to have a licensed physician.”

Pro-life leaders said these complications include cervical lacerations, uterine perforations and hemorrhaging. They slammed the legislation for putting women and children at greater risk.

“Expanding the number of people who can provide abortion will increase the number of unborn children being killed,” the pro-life organization stated.

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Expanding abortions is a stated goal of abortion activists and supporters of the new law.

The Hawaii State Center for Nursing, which supports the law, celebrated the governor’s action, saying women “desperately need” abortions, according to The Hill.

“This act will enable people who desperately need reproductive health care services to receive health care from very high quality health care providers, including advanced practice registered nurses, where they need it, when they need it, and … in their own communities,” director Laura Reichardt said at the signing ceremony.

According to The Hill, several other states also allow nurses to abort unborn babies, including California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Virginia and Vermont.

A 2013 California study found that abortions done by non-physicians were twice as likely to have complications as those done by licensed physicians.

Allowing nurses to abort unborn babies is one of the ways the abortion industry hopes to prop up its life-destroying business. Abortion rates are dropping and abortion clinics have been closing, in part, because fewer doctors are willing to abort unborn babies.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 1982, there were 2,918 abortion doctors practicing in America, but by 2011, there were only 1,720. A number of abortion clinics also have closed in the past few years because abortionists retired and no one was willing to take their places, according to a 2016 Bloomberg study.

ACTION ALERT: Contact Governor Ige and tell him you oppose signing this bill.