Fox News Hires Pro-Life Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as Contributor

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 8, 2021   |   3:02PM   |   Washington, DC

As Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was one of the highest ranking pro-life adovctaes during the Trump administration and one of the most outspoken when it come to promoting human rights for unborn children. Now, watchers of Fox News will get a chance to hear his opinions on the political issues of the day as the news network has hired him as a contributor.

“Mike Pompeo is one of America’s most recognized and respected voices on foreign policy and national security issues. I look forward to his contributions across our range of platforms to share his distinct perspective with our millions of viewers,” Fox News’ CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement.

Pompeo will make his first appearance on Friday’s “FOX & Friends” and he will appear on Fox Business as well.

“I intend to give viewers a candid, no-nonsense look at geopolitics, international relations, and the America First policies that helped chart the course for unprecedented American prosperity and security,” Pompeo said in the announcement.

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On his last full day in office before leaving his position as Secretary of State, Pompeo called out China for promoting genocide, including subjecting women to forced abortions.

“For the past four years, this Administration has exposed the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and called it what it is: a Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force. We have paid particular attention to the CCP’s treatment of the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority group that resides largely in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Western China,” Pompeo wrote in a statement

Pompeo has long called for an end to China’s treatment of the Uighur people and in his statement, he cited the imprisonment, forced labor, torture, and sterilization as ongoing genocidal actions carried out by the Chinese government. 

Last year, he made it clear that killing babies in abortions is not a human right.

“Our founders built our country on a commitment to essential rights, unalienable rights … that come from these amazing documents, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and our nation’s foreign policy must be grounded in those central understandings,” Pompeo said.

He said his office has been focused on promoting religious freedom, national security and essential human rights, including the right to life.

“Abortion quite simply isn’t a human right. It takes a human life,” he said.

Among their actions, Pompeo said they worked with 20 countries on a joint statement criticizing the United Nations for pushing a pro-abortion agenda, according to the report. He said Trump also reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which defunded Planned Parenthood’s international arm of about $100 million. Along with the policy, Pompeo and the Trump Administration created a new enforcement mechanism to ensure that American tax dollars are not being used to pay for abortions with international aid funds.

Pompeo is a former Kansas congressman with a strong pro-life record. While serving in the U.S. House, he co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act which said, “each human life begins with fertilization, cloning, or its functional equivalent, at which time every human has all legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood…”