Police Raid, Shut Down Church for Violating Lockdown Order, But Abortion Clinics Can Keep Killing Babies

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 7, 2021   |   12:21PM   |   Edmonton, Alberta

Supposedly for the purpose of saving lives, authorities in Canada are erecting a fence around an Alberta church that held Easter services last week in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Leaders of GraceLife Church in Alberta said police raided the church early Wednesday morning and then set up roadblocks to prevent anyone from entering the property, The Post Millennial reports.

Church leaders also posted photos online showing a metal fence that authorities erected around the building to prevent people from coming to church.

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Canada has been in strict lock-down for more than a year, even though coronavirus infections and deaths are dropping and vaccines are becoming widely available. Supposedly, the purpose of the heavy restrictions on religious worship and other gatherings is to save lives from the virus.

Meanwhile, the government has allowed abortion facilities to remain open throughout the restrictions to continue killing unborn babies in elective, unnecessary abortions. Last March, when providence health leaders temporarily postponed non-essential medical care to ensure hospitals would not be overcrowded, they made a special exception for elective abortions.

GraceLife Church and its pastor, James Coates, did comply fully with government health restrictions last year when the pandemic spread and much still was unknown about COVID-19, according to the Justice Centre.

Then, in July, the church began holding services again, the report states. For doing so, its pastor was placed in jail and charged with violating coronavirus restrictions. Coates spent several weeks in jail before he was released; he is scheduled to stand trial in May, according to the report.

“When the Alberta Government argued at a March 4, 2021 court hearing that Pastor Coates should remain in jail for another eight weeks pending his trial in May, Crown prosecutor Karen Thorsrud presented no evidence that full churches pose any threat to public health,” the Justice Centre stated in a recent article.

Over the weekend, Coates held Easter services at the church, the report states.

The Alberta Health Services confirmed Wednesday that it “physically closed GraceLife Church” and “prevented access to the building” because the church is not following the province’s health restrictions.

Meanwhile, Canadian leaders have continued to support life-destroying abortions throughout the pandemic. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even earmarked COVID-19 funds specifically for abortions last year. So, money that was supposed to help save people’s lives has been funding the destruction of babies’ lives in abortions.