MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Christians are “Selfish” and “Racist,” Don’t Care if Americans Die From COVID

National   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Apr 7, 2021   |   9:14AM   |   Washington, DC

MSNBC’s Joy Reid used the end of her Monday night show to viciously target and attack white evangelical Christian conservatives, while she defended Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Reid opened with a nasty, lie-filled monologue attacking Republicans such as Mike Huckabee, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and the “Christian right” on Twitter over “cancel culture.” She was absolutely incensed at conservatives for calling out Warnock’s heretical “Gospel” message he put out on Twitter on Easter Sunday:

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Conservatives who have attempted to cancel many aspects of American life, from Colin Kaepernick to the 2020 election results, are fuming over the corporations that are taking a stand against the Georgia Jim Crow voting law that’s designed to cancel black voters. Take former Arkanasas governor Mike Huckabee, no really take him, who is also by the way, a southern Baptist minister tweeted day before Easter, “I decided to identify as Chinese, Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my “values” and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike and tickets to MLB games. Ain’t America great?” And trigger happy congresswoman Lauren [makes ‘pew pew’ sound] Boebert managed to uncancel Jesus on Twitter, while Senator Raphael Warnock who’s also a reverend for Atlanta’s famed Ebenezer Baptist Church was accused of actual heresy for a since-deleted Easter tweet about helping others, God forbid. This on the 53rd anniversary of MLK’s assassination. Perfect. I mean that pretty much sums up what Christian right Twitter looked like Easter weekend. Anti-Asian racism, accusations of heresy straight out of the Inquisition era, and fire alarm Jesus rising from the ashes of burnt Dr. Seuss books.

Reid of course twisted Huckabee’s tweet into something cruel, when he was obviously mocking left-wing corporations turning a blind eye to China’s concentration camps while they attack Georgia. But setting up and tearing down straw men is what Reid does best.

She continued doing so with guest, Anthea Butler, an “associate professor of religious studies” at the University of Pennsylvania. The pair sounded like conspiracy theorists, ranting about how evangelical conservative Christians don’t care about morality—because they supported Trump—they only care about “power.”

“Morality is a shield for evangelicals to get power,”  Butler argued. Reid complained the religious right doesn’t care about the “poor and immigrants” like Jesus did, only themselves. Butler agreed making a series of false smears:

They have forgotten that Jesus said to mend the poor and the brokenhearted. They don’t care about anyone else except themselves, so they won’t get vaccinated, they won’t do anything that helps their fellow man. I think they have forgotten the golden rule….This is a 200 year history of what Evangelicals have done.

The MSNBC host also blamed evangelicals for causing a public health crisis by not getting vaccinated, completely disregarding, for instance, how the Biden administration is letting COVID spread throughout the country by allowing record high surges of illegal immigration at our southern border.

Butler seemed to search for any negative adjective she could use to attack right-wing Christians. She predicted there would be mass funerals in “selfish” Christian churches where masks are not required, and conservatives were “racist” for saying COVID-19 originated in China.

Finally, Reid offered hope: Could progressive left-wing Christianity be the politically convenient answer? “Can you just tell us then, is there a liberal evangelicalism that is counter to that and is it of significant size to sort of counter what you’re seeing in that right-wing evangelicalism?” she asked.

Why, yes, of course!

Butler proclaimed:

I think there really is. I think part of what is happening now, is you’re seeing a lot of younger people, people who have been disgusted with the movement, disgusted with the racism, disgusted with the homophobia and everything else, who are leaving in droves. We start to see the numbers going down. I think what we’re seeing is — I never want to say that religious right or evangelicals are going away, what I think we’re seeing is an attrition that is based on where they are right now in terms of their recalcitrance in first of all the hardening and secondly, I don’t think they can expect anybody to want to join the Baptist church when Beth Moore has left and last southern Baptist that was in the news shot eight people in Atlanta because he had a supposed sex addiction.

Reid ended the interview worrying about “what it means” that “right-wing Christians hold the Supreme Court.” Butler suggested the Biden administration pack the court, fretting that evangelicals would not stop before they had absolute power.

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LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.