Joe Biden Dismantles Trump Commission That Promoted Religious Freedom Worldwide

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 5, 2021   |   3:10PM   |   Washington, DC

The fake “right” to abort an unborn baby for any reason without restriction is being championed by President Joe Biden’s administration while religious freedom, a fundamental human right, is being pushed to the wayside.

Last week, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken ended the Commission on Unalienable Rights, a panel established by President Donald Trump to advocate for religious freedom across the world, The Christian Post reports.

During the press conference, Blinken criticized the Trump administration for prioritizing some rights, such as religious freedom, more heavily than others. He also announced plans to make abortion a priority for the Department of State, a complete reversal from his predecessor Mike Pompeo’s commitment to human rights for all, born and unborn.

“There is no hierarchy that makes some rights more important than others,” Blinken said. “Past unbalanced statements that suggest such a hierarchy, including those offered by a recently disbanded State Department advisory committee, do not represent a guiding document for this administration.”

Though Blinken did mention religious persecution briefly in his speech, religious organizations expressed concern that it no longer is a top priority for Biden, according to the report.

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“… we remain concerned whether the Biden administration is still committed to putting religious freedom as a central principle in the United States’ foreign policy priorities,” said Matias Perttula, director of advocacy for International Christian Concern, which works to end religious persecution.

The action comes amid reports of increased religious persecution against Christians, Jews and Muslims across the world. A November report from the Pew Research Center found a 50-percent increase in persecution in the past decade.

Here’s more from the Christian Post:

Travis Weber, vice president for policy and government affairs and director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Christian conservative activist organization Family Research Council, told The Christian Post that the repudiation of the Commission on Unalienable Rights is “an unfortunate development.” Weber argues that it diminishes religious freedom.

“This signifies the downgrading of the role of religious freedom in foreign policy and frankly, domestically as well because the commission had elevated the role of religious freedom and articulated its role as an important human right,” Weber said.

While de-emphasizing religious freedom, Blinken also chose to emphasize the fake “right” to abortion.

On Tuesday, he announced plans to add the term “reproductive rights” back into global human rights reports after the Trump administration removed it. Blinken argued that “women’s rights — including sexual and reproductive rights — are human rights.”

Reproductive rights is an umbrella term that includes abortion on demand, paid for by taxpayers. There is a growing push to abandon conscience protections and force doctors and nurses to help abort unborn babies, too.

Under Trump, Pompeo did not just advocate for human rights for certain human beings, as the Biden administration is now doing; he promoted human rights for all people across the world, born and unborn.

“America’s Founders defined unalienable rights as including ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’” Pompeo wrote in an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal. “They designed the Constitution to protect individual dignity and freedom. A moral foreign policy should be grounded in this conception of human rights.”

Pompeo said some politicians and bureaucrats have turned away from the focus on universal, inalienable rights to push “ad hoc rights granted by governments” instead.

“These rights often sound noble and just,” he continued. “But when politicians and bureaucrats create new rights, they blur the distinction between unalienable rights and ad hoc rights granted by governments. Unalienable rights are by nature universal. Not everything good, or everything granted by a government, can be a universal right.”

The so-called right to abortion that Biden is championing is no right at all. Abortions destroy the lives and rights of unique, living human beings.

One of Biden’s top priorities is the Equality Act, a bill that would create a “right to demand an abortion.” This would mean taxpayers could be forced to pay for abortions and medical workers could be forced to help abort unborn babies even if it violates their conscience.

Pro-life leaders in Africa and other parts of the world also have criticized Biden for pushing abortion on their countries when people need basic necessities like clean water, education and medical care.