CNN: Republicans are Hateful Racists Who Don’t Want Black People to Vote

National   |   Duncan Schroeder   |   Mar 31, 2021   |   12:49PM   |   Washington, DC

There are some things CNN journalists can’t accept. And one is the fact that Georgia decided to disagree with them and pass a new law designed to protect voter integrity. On Sunday evening’s CNN Newsroom, Ana Cabrera continued CNN and the liberal media’s false attacks on the legislation by bringing on a Democratic Georgia state representative to label the legislation as racist.

Cabrera conducted a softball interview in which she sympathized with Erica Thomas and her “fight” and Thomas alleged that the Georgia Republicans passed the voting laws because they do “not want people that don’t look like them to be able to vote.”

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Here’s Thomas smearing the GOP as racist:

We have to face the Republicans on Monday that are trying to strip our voting rights away. And it’s a lot to take. The emotion that is there when you can see how — look into someone’s eyes that does not want people that don’t look like them to be able to vote. And so it’s a lot to take in to fight this fight every single day and at the same time have to wake up another day to do it once again.

Cabrera continued to feed into the leftist’s racially charged rhetoric by asking if she believes that “the root of this issue has to do with race?”

Thomas replied by falsely claiming that Republicans passed the law because of “losing in 2020,” hyping her efforts “to fight these Republican,” and continuing to race bait by stating that Republicans are “taking our voting rights away”:

Well, I think the root of this issue has to do with the Republicans losing in 2020 and on January of this year. That is the root of this issue. You know, again, we should be doing a victory lap right now. We had astronomical numbers. People came out in raging numbers all over Georgia and so we should be celebrating. But we’re not celebrating. We’re trying to defend and fight these — actually to fight these Republicans from taking our voting rights away.

The bill has nothing to do “with the Republicans losing in 2020.” It is an attempt to address a voting system which caused the drawn out and controversial 2020 Georgia Senate Races. Furthermore, it is aimed at protecting the integrity of Georgia’s elections through requiring photo ID for absentee voters, lessening the time period in which Georgians can request an absentee ballot, limiting where ballot drop boxes can be located, and appointing someone other than the secretary of state to head the state election board.

Of course, Cabrera does not care about the truth about the voting bill as she allowed CNN’s Juliette Kayyem to link the bill to the Capitol Hill Riot and declare that the bill is based on “white supremacy.” 

CNN is not a news network but functions as a parrot on the shoulder of the Democratic party which repeats whatever the Democrats are saying.

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LifeNews Note: Duncan Schroeder writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.