Even Some Democrats are Criticizing Nancy Pelosi’s Attempt to Steal a GOP Congressional Seat

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Mar 25, 2021   |   9:27AM   |   Washington, DC

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is shameless in her crusade to steal Rep. Nancy Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa), seat which she narrowly but certifiably defeated Rita Hart to win, at least a couple of Democrats are standing by this legitimately run race.

In an interview with Yahoo! News, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), who is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism, stressed she would not be supporting overturning the election results for Iowa’s 1st district. Rep. Slotkin referenced the events at the U.S. Capitol when the election to certify President Joe Biden was being done and also said. “I cannot support overturning an election, especially given everything that’s gone on and what we’ve been hearing from the Republican side of the aisle.” She also said that “I can’t turn around and vote to decertify something that’s been stamped and approved in Iowa.”

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When pressed if this will make the move to de-certify the election “all but impossible,” Rep. Slotkin stressed she was only speaking for herself. She hasn’t “taken the whip count,” she said. “I can only tell you what I’m doing. I cannot tell you what my peers are doing.”

Rep. Slotkin acknowledged out that Democrats have “a slim majority” in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has also spoken out against this power grab. On Monday he said that while losing the race by six votes was painful, overturning the results would be “even more painful for America.”

As Rep. Slotkin referenced, the election was certified in Iowa, and Rep. Miller-Meeks has been sworn in and is presently serving in Congress. Rep. Miller-Meeks spoke to Guy Benson about her win, explaining that Hart “could have appealed to the Iowa courts, but did not, because, under Iowa law, these ballots would have been tossed out. She knew that she would lose.”

Speaker Pelosi nevertheless had emphasized during a press conference earlier this month that the results could “of course” be overturned based on what the House Administration Committee decides in their review of the race.

LifeNews Note: Rebecca Downs writes for TownHall, where this column originally appeared.