Planned Parenthood Sends Names of Pro-Life Leaders to Police to Try to Get Them Arrested

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 23, 2021   |   3:38PM   |   Lubbock, Texas

A Planned Parenthood abortion affiliate in Texas recently targeted peaceful pro-life leaders, submitting their names, photos and other personal information to local police as if they were dangerous individuals to be watched.

The conservative site Lubbock Lights first reported about the pro-life “watch list” earlier this month, and the local news outlet KAMC Everything Lubbock later confirmed it with the Lubbock Police Department.

According to Lubbock Lights, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas submitted a list of 13 pro-life leaders’ names, photos and dates of birth to the police ahead of the city March for Life in January.

The implication was that the pro-life leaders were dangerous individuals because they advocate for the lives of unborn babies, and the police should keep a close eye on them.

In a statement, the Lubbock Police Department confirmed that Planned Parenthood did submit a document to them with information about 13 individuals that it “identified as living ‘in and around the city of Lubbock, while the others are the “big names” who will be coming in and are listed as speakers at [local pro-life] rallies …’”

Those targeted by the abortion chain include Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, Ken Peters of The Church at Planned Parenthood, Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America, Mark Lee Dickson of East Texas Right to Life, and Chalon Goodley and Eleah Lehnen of the Lubbock Area Republican Women.

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Police said they did use the list to do a search on each individual and found that “all were publicly associated with the March for Life, West Texas For Life or speakers expected at the events being hosted during the weekend’s events.”

Police said they do not keep lists of protesters on either side of the abortion debate.

Dickson, who leads the Sanctuary for the Unborn movement, including an on-going effort to pass a pro-life ordinance to ban abortions in Lubbock, said the watch list is “extremely disturbing.”

“The event which took place outside of Planned Parenthood in January was a peaceful event,” Dickson told KAMC. “If anyone deserves to be watched by the Lubbock Police Department, it is Planned Parenthood. They are the ones who have expressed a desire to murder innocent human beings by abortion in Lubbock, Texas.”

Here’s more from Lubbock Lights:

In the email from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, to which the watch list was attached, some of the names were tagged with warnings as “aggressive” because of previous-anti-abortion activities. Images from social media were provided along with detailed information about families and personal history.

It’s a garish document which appears set to look like mug shots from a police line-up. This was an intelligence report produced by Planned Parenthood targeting innocent people, with what goal in mind, other than to create suspicion and doubt within the Lubbock community by demonizing its citizens, we really do not know or understand. The very format, with photo, date of birth and name suggests someone who ought to be … watched.

In a statement to the local news, Planned Parenthood defended its action as a “recommended safety protocol.” The wording suggests the abortion chain also may be targeting pro-lifers in other parts of the country.

Residents of Lubbock are trying to pass a Sanctuary for the Unborn ordinance after Planned Parenthood opened a new abortion facility there last year. In November, the Lubbock City Council rejected the ordinance, but because of a citizen-led petition, residents will have the opportunity to approve the ordinance on the May election ballot. The ordinance would protect unborn babies by banning abortions within the city limits.