Joe Biden Opposed Ending the Filibuster 10 Days Ago, Now He’s Open to Killing It

Opinion   |   Gary Bauer   |   Mar 18, 2021   |   7:27AM   |   Washington, DC

Senate liberals and their allies in the progressive movement are planning an assault on the filibuster rule. It’s an arcane rule of the Senate that distinguishes it from the House of Representatives by requiring super-majority support for most legislation.

While Democrats initially promised to preserve the filibuster, the evidence is clear that they are getting ready to go “nuclear” so they can eliminate it.

They are desperate to get their radical wish list – nationalization of elections, the misnamed Equality Act and a massive amnesty bill – passed at any cost. Even Joe Biden, who said he opposed eliminating the filibuster just 10 days ago, now says he’s open to “reform.”

The threat is real, my friends. So much so that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor yesterday to strongly warn his colleagues what a “scorched-earth Senate” would look like if Democrats nuke the filibuster. He said:
“This is an institution that requires unanimous consent to turn the lights on before noon. To proceed with a garden-variety floor speech. To dispense with the reading of lengthy legislative text. To schedule committee business. . .

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“I want my colleagues to imagine a world where every single task requires a physical quorum — for which the vice president does not count, by the way. . . This is not a trade-off between trampling etiquette but then getting to quickly transform the country. That’s a false choice. . .

“This chaos would not open up an express lane to liberal change. . . The Senate would be more like a hundred-car pile-up. Nothing moving.” Note: Gary Bauer is the president of American Values, a national pro-family organization and is the former president of the Family Research Council. Bauer ran for the Republican nomination for president and appears frequently on radio and television programs.