Janice Dean: “If Andrew Cuomo Won’t Resign, We Must Impeach Him”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 8, 2021   |   6:44PM   |   Albany, New York

Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 last year.

And, like many other New Yorkers whose loved ones died, she believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo is to blame.

On Monday, Dean urged state lawmakers to impeach the Democrat governor after growing evidence indicates he covered up the number of elderly people who died in connection to his COVID-19 nursing home mandate.

“One year ago, he issued that deadly mandate to put infected patients into nursing homes … and he covered up those numbers,” Dean told Fox & Friends. “So I want lawmakers to start the impeachment process.”

Late last week, an explosive New York Times report exposed how several of Cuomo’s top aides helped to hide approximately 9,000 people’s deaths to COVID in nursing homes last year. At the same time, the Democrat governor was receiving massive media praise for his handling of the pandemic and getting ready to profit from his new book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Several top Democrat and Republican lawmakers in the state have urged Cuomo to resign, but Dean doubts that will happen.

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“I don’t think he will resign … even though he has told other lawmakers and politicians to resign for much less,” she said. “This guy is power hungry.”

Dean said her mother- and father-in-law and more than 15,000 other elderly New Yorkers died, in part, because of Cuomo’s nursing home mandate.

His March 2020 policy required nursing homes and assisted living facilities to accept COVID-19 patients. The order put coronavirus patients together with the elderly and people with disabilities, those most vulnerable to the virus. Cuomo later reversed the policy.

Dean said state lawmakers should issue subpoenas and begin an independent, bipartisan investigation into Cuomo’s policy, the nursing home deaths and the cover-up.

“We deserve those answers, and I think it’s criminal. He should go to jail,” she said. “I do hope that people remember the 15,000 seniors that are dead in New York state and the cover-up.”

Dean’s in-laws, Mickey and Dee Newman, died in separate New York elder care facilities in 2020.

In January, New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, released a report accusing Cuomo and his administration of covering up approximately 4,000 individuals’ deaths in nursing homes to COVID-19.

A few days later, one of Cuomo’s top aides told Democrat lawmakers that the administration withheld the actual death numbers because they were worried the information would “be used against us” politically. She later backtracked on the comment.

While this was happening, Cuomo and his administration touted his leadership during the pandemic on CNN and other national news outlets. Cuomo’s brother Chris is a CNN news anchor. The governor also won an Emmy Award for exhibiting “leadership” during his daily online COVID-19 conferences.

At a press conference last week, Cuomo refused to admit responsibility for his actions or resign.

“I do not believe I have ever done anything in my public career that I am ashamed of,” Cuomo said.

Originally, New York reported 8,110 deaths at nursing homes due to the coronavirus. However, the state tally only included people who died at a facility. Nursing home residents who were transferred to hospitals and died there were not included in the total.

According to the attorney general’s report in January, the actual total was 12,743.

New York has one of the highest COVID-19 death numbers and death rates in the United States – a status it has maintained for months, according to coronavirus statistics updated daily at NBC News.

Four other Democrat governors also ordered nursing homes to take coronavirus patients in 2020 before reversing their orders: New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Some of them now are facing investigations as well. These states are among the top ten for the highest coronavirus deaths in the country.