Feminist Says Killing Babies in Abortions is “Hilarious”

National   |   SPUC   |   Mar 5, 2021   |   4:30PM   |   Washington, DC

The founder of “extreme” platform “Shout Your Abortion” has said that “sometimes abortion is hilarious.”

Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications, said: “These comments are a desperate attempt to provoke outrage and are highly disrespectful towards women who have been hurt by an abortion experience.”

The founder, Amelia Bonow, recently spoke out after hiring a TikTok user to work in partnership with Shout Your Abortion. The TikTok user “AbortionCouncelor” is known for posting provocative abortion videos which are designed to cause offence.

Some of these videos include discussing fast food to eat after an abortion, dancing in abortion facilities and sneering about an unborn baby moving in the womb before being killed by an abortion.

After creating the working partnership, Bonow said: “The idea that abortion is always a serious and sad thing is antiquated, not reflective of reality, and it definitely hasn’t done our side any favors. [Abortion on TikTok] is a nail in the coffin of the old way of doing things. We can talk about abortion however we want, it doesn’t always have to be heavy. Sometimes it’s hilarious.”

SPUC’s Mr Robinson said: “Pro-abortion campaigners such as these consider themselves to be pro-woman. However, their comments and actions do not in any way help post-abortive women who are suffering in silence.

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“Distasteful and crass abortion extremism is on the rise and it is vital that the pro-life movement is ready to meet it.”

Abortion extremism

Shout Your Abortion was established in response to the House of Representative’s decision to cut funding for abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which kills an average of 1 baby every 89 seconds.

Shout Your Abortion is devoted to erasing the stigma which surrounds abortion. The movement says that “abortion is normal” and promotes women’s unapologetic abortion stories as a way to normalise killing unborn children.

The movement has been criticised for its divisive messaging, including sharing images of babies reading pro-abortion books and proclaiming “thank-god for abortion”.

Founder Bonow once told children that “abortion is great” and described to the children how the abortionist “sucked the pregnancy out”. The abortion activist is reported to soon release a pro-abortion kids book.

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organziation in the United Kingdom.


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