Sofía Vergara Wins Legal Battle Against Ex-Fiance in Bid to Kill Their Frozen Unborn Children

Bioethics   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 4, 2021   |   8:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Actress Sofia Vergara won another legal battle against her ex-fiance Nick Loeb on Wednesday involving the custody and lives of their frozen embryo children.

A former celebrity couple, they have been fighting for years about the embryos whom they had created for in vitro fertilization in 2013. Vergara (“Modern Family”) and Loeb, the producer of the new “Roe v. Wade” movie, separated in 2014.

Yahoo News reports a Los Angeles court ruled in Vergara’s favor this week, issuing a permanent injunction prohibiting Loeb from using the embryos without her permission.

The ruling was based on a contract that the former couple signed in 2013 at the ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills when the embryos were created, according to the Daily Mail; it states that neither individual can use the embryos without the other person’s consent.

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The embryos are human beings at the earliest stage of life. They already have their own unique DNA, and they both have been identified as girls. Loeb, who is pro-life, wants to give them a chance at life through a surrogate mother. Vergara wants them to remain frozen or be destroyed.

Here’s more from the Mail:

Just last month, Sofia’s ex lost yet another legal battle when the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal in Louisiana upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit he had filed in an attempt to claim custody of two embryos they froze seven years ago.

In the ruling dated January 27, the appeals court ruled that Loeb’s lawsuit, which it declared as ‘abhorrent’, should be thrown out because it made a ‘mockery’ of Louisiana’s legal system.

Loeb’s lawyers said they plan to appeal.

A producer and actor, Loeb had a pro-life conversion after two of his unborn children were aborted earlier in life. He said he believes his embryo daughters, Emma and Isabella, deserve to be protected from the moment of conception.

“The biggest misconception out there is that I’m trying to steal my ex’s eggs,” Loeb told Breitbart in 2018. “But, they’re not eggs. They’re embryos. It’s 50 percent me. It’s 50 percent mine.

“If the roles were reversed, and she wanted them, and I wanted to destroy them, the entire mainstream media would be up in arms and I would be the evil man,” he continued.

Loeb previously said he does not want any financial support from Vergara for the children. If he wins custody, he said he would find a surrogate willing to carry the girls to term, and then raise them himself.

Notably, Loeb is a producer of the new film “Roe v. Wade,” which premiered last week at CPAC in Florida. It tells the true story of the lies and manipulations used to push abortion on America and stars Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight. The film will be released online in April through Amazon Prime and iTunes.