Joy Behar: Democrats Should Just “Ignore” Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

National   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Mar 2, 2021   |   7:31PM   |   Washington, DC

The View hosts continued to address New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s scandals on Tuesday’s show. But with co-host Meghan McCain out this week, the liberal hosts felt emboldened to attack Republican “hypocrisy” instead, while reserving judgement for the scandal-embroiled Democrat.

After another woman came forward to detail her story, along with a photo alleging Cuomo sexually harassed her, the hosts reacted somberly to the news at first but were hesitant to speak too negatively about Cuomo, compared to how they talked about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Sunny Hostin expressed support for an independent investigation from the New York Attorney General’s office before complaining Republicans needed to be investigated too:

I’d like to see everyone be held accountable and all these investigations led into behavior that we’re seeing across the board in Congress, I mean we have all of these allegations against you know, [GOP Rep.] Madison Cawthorn who we have had on this show, before his run for Congress. I’d like to see an independent investigation into that. I’d like to see an independent investigation into allegations that have been made involving [GOP Rep.] Jim Jordan, I think you know it’s high time for us to look into this type of behavior and say enough is enough.

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Co-host Ana Navarro said she was “bothered” by the allegations, expressing her disappointment that Cuomo didn’t live up to the hype: “He should’ve known better. I expected more of him.” But like Hostin, she also used her response to attack Republicans as hypocrites, instead:

First, you know I think all those people who Sunny just alluded to, all those people who are pouncing on Cuomo but remained silent on the over two dozen sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump and are remaining silent against the allegations against Madison Cawthorn. They are hypocrites and it’s appalling.

Navarro then played a clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham saying Democrats should follow the “Republican model” on allowing Democrats’ last minute accusations against Kavanaugh be investigated before his confirmation. Even though Graham was referring to Kavanaugh, Navarro was outraged. “The Republican model is to look away and look the other way and play dumb on the accusations against Donald Trump!” she fumed.

Joy Behar laughed at the Graham clip and mocked the GOP, arguing Democrats held themselves to a higher standard on sex abuse claims, citing Al Franken, again. (What about Bill Clinton?)

Scoffing that she “agreed” with Graham, she said Democrats should follow the “Republican model” and “ignore” Cuomo’s sex scandal:

Well, yes, I do agree with them they should use the Republican model which is to basically ignore everything like they did with Kavanaugh!” she gushed.

Behar, added:

I mean, the Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away and let’s not really go into it. So he’s right, we should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite. A case in point, Al Franken, Senator Gillibrand, ‘off with his head’ immediately, ‘he needs to resign’ and a lot of Democrats got behind it. Now I’ve noticed, she’s changed her tune. Now she’s taking the Republican playbook to heart. ‘Let’s investigate this time. Let’s see what the allegation comes to’, so, yes, good, thank you Lindsey. 

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LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.