Pro-Life Groups Launch $2 Million Campaign to Stop Pro-Abortion HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 18, 2021   |   4:01PM   |   Washington, DC

Xavier Becerra, a California politician who is trying to put pro-life advocates in jail, could be the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

His confirmation is in the hands of the closely-divided U.S. Senate, and pro-life and conservative organizations are working hard to oppose it. This week, they launched a $2 million campaign to urge the U.S. Senate to reject President Joe Biden’s nominee.

The campaign plans to run ads on cable news and digital platforms and conduct other grassroots efforts to expose Becerra’s radical actions on abortion, religious freedom and other issues.

“Becerra has spent his entire career fighting for socialized health care, catering to the abortion industry, trampling on Americans’ religious freedom, and pushing the policies of liberal dark money groups,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America, one of the groups involved in the campaign.

Becerra, the attorney general of California and a former congressman, does not have any medical training either. Instead, he has spent much of his career as a politician persecuting pro-life advocates, pregnancy centers and nuns who serve the poor, said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List, which also is involved in the campaign.

“The choice of Becerra for HHS was a total 180 from the talk of ‘unity’ surrounding the inauguration,” Dannenfelser said. “Becerra’s pro-abortion record spans three decades – in Congress he even voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion. He’s as extreme as they come on abortion.”

For years, Becerra’s office has been fighting against a religious exemption from Obamacare that President Donald Trump put in place to protect the Little Sisters of the Poor, a charity of nuns that serves the poor and elderly, and other religious employers.

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Becerra’s pro-abortion politics extend to non-profit pregnancy resource centers as well. In 2018, he defended a California law that forced pro-life pregnancy centers to post signs advertising abortions; however, he lost at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Becerra also challenged a Trump rule that defunded Planned Parenthood of about $60 million in Title X funds and, notoriously, took up the prosecution of pro-life journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt after they exposed Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby body parts trade.

Years earlier, while serving in Congress, Becerra developed a 100-percent pro-abortion voting record from Planned Parenthood and NARAL, PJ Media reports. These actions include voting against a ban on partial-birth abortion and for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, warned that people of faith will face “constant attack” from the federal government if Becerra is confirmed.

“Divisive nominees like Xavier Becerra, who used his power as California AG to relentlessly persecute Catholic nuns and pro-life Americans … show Biden is far more concerned about repaying the extreme liberal special interests that poured resources into his election,” Burch said. “If Becerra [is] confirmed, basic protections for people of faith – and their very way of life — will be under constant attack.”

Judicial Crisis Network, Americans for Public Trust and the Competitive Enterprise Institute also are involved in the campaign.

Becerra would be tasked with huge health care problems, if confirmed. These include the coronavirus pandemic and vaccinations, continued problems with the Affordable Care Act and leftists’ push for socialized medicine. He also would lead the agency as abortion groups lobby for taxpayer-funded abortions through Medicaid and the de-regulation of abortion drugs.

ACTION ALERT: Contact U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose Becerra.