Survey Shows 25% of Pro-Life College Students are Threatened and Harassed Over Their Abortion Views

International   |   SPUC   |   Feb 16, 2021   |   4:17PM   |   London, England

One in four students are “threatened, abused, alarmed or distressed” for being pro-life at university, a shocking new survey has revealed. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications, said: “Pro-life students are routinely subject to discrimination and mistreatment solely because they uphold the humanity and worth of unborn children. It is vital that steps are taken to ensure that pro-life students are not silenced and can speak out about pro-life issues.”

The survey, conducted by the Alliance of Pro-life Students (APS), asked for the views and experiences of over 200 students at university in the UK.

The poll found that:

  • Over 70% of students faced situations in lectures or seminars where they felt “unable to speak” about their views.
  • Nearly a quarter have been “threatened, abused, alarmed or distressed – by actions or words – by another student or academic” because of their membership in a pro-life society.
  • One in three have seen events cancelled due to the “de-platforming” of pro-life speakers.
  • 65% of students witnessed another student being discriminated against or harassed for holding pro-life views.

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Pro-life society members “should be killed”

One student from Birmingham who shared her experience whilst studying at university said: “We experienced over 2,000 abusive comments on one Facebook page for Birmingham students. This included comments saying society members should be killed.”

Another student said: “Police were called to one event because one of the protestors became aggressive with a security guard. The chanting included phrases such as ‘pro-life that’s a lie, you don’t care if women die’, and the signs read ‘in women we trust’. As a woman, this was incredibly hurtful and alienating. My womanhood wasn’t something they trusted.”

Protecting pro-life students

In 2020, SPUC Scotland and APS produced a report detailing the censorship of pro-life university students across Scotland.

The report detailed the struggles and discrimination many pro-life student groups have encountered in order to be recognised by their university and students’ union. This included the University of Glasgow and the University of Aberdeen, where students had to pursue legal action before being affiliated as a society.

SPUC’s Mr Robinson said: “Universities should be the very places where individuals can share their ideas, express their views and debate them freely and openly. It is vital that pro-life students are protected from such censorship and are afforded the same rights and freedoms as any other student.”

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organziation in the United Kingdom.