Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: We Must Protect Unborn Babies “From Conception in the Womb”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 8, 2021   |   10:56AM   |   The Vatican

Pope Francis expressed pain Monday at the growing push to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions across the world.

Speaking to the ambassadors to the Holy See in Rome, the pope urged leaders to protect every human life, including unborn babies “from conception in the womb,” Breitbart reports. His message centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and its challenges.

The pandemic “forced us to confront two unavoidable dimensions of human existence: sickness and death,” Pope Francis said. “In doing so, it reminded us of the value of life, of every individual human life and its dignity, at every moment of its earthly pilgrimage, from conception in the womb until its natural end.”

He said the global health crisis brought to light other crises, including the push for so-called “reproductive rights,” according to the report.

“It is painful to note that under the pretext of guaranteeing presumed subjective rights, a growing number of legal systems in our world seem to be moving away from their inalienable duty to protect human life at every one of its phases,” the pope said, noting how the so-called “right” to abortion destroys unborn babies’ right to life.

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Pope Francis’s native Argentina just legalized the killing of unborn babies in abortions in December. Prior to the vote, the pope urged the South American country to continue to protect the unborn, but lawmakers narrowly approved the abortion law anyway.

Other pro-life countries in South America and Africa are facing pressure to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions, too. African pro-life leaders have accused western countries of exploiting the pandemic by pressuring poor countries seeking international aid money to legalize abortions.

The pope said society must respect the right to life for every human being, born and unborn.

“If we deprive the weakest among us of the right to life, how can we effectively guarantee respect for every other right?” he questioned.

Every person “is an end in himself or herself, and never simply a means to be valued only for his or her usefulness,” the pope said. “Persons are created to live together in families, communities and societies, where all are equal in dignity.”

Many times, Pope Francis has condemned abortion and urged Christians to protect every human life. In 2018, he caused outrage among abortion activists after comparing abortion to “hiring a hitman” to kill unborn babies. He frequently describes aborted babies as victims of a “throwaway culture” and encourages society to recognize their value.

According to statistics compiled by Worldometer, there were more than 42.6 million abortions world-wide in 2020.